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20th November 2009, 22:16
Hi there,
Can anyone tell me what has happened to all my messages, they've all dissapeared.
Has someone deleted them or what???


Davie Tait
21st November 2009, 11:12
No no one has deleted them , the only thing I can think of is a system fault last night when I was offline. Let me know if your messages have returned when you log in and if not I'll alert the system admin to see whats going on and to hopefully restore everything

21st November 2009, 18:17
Hi Davie,

Same problem here, happened couple of weeks ago!

Davie Tait
21st November 2009, 20:19
OK Guys we've contacted the software developer about this to see if they can help find out why this has happened and how we can fix the problem.

If anyone else has had this please add your name below this post so we can keep an active list to see if there is anything remotely similar in the reason that this has happened on your accounts.


21st November 2009, 20:27
same problem a couple of week's ago davie:confused: :confused:

martin johns
21st November 2009, 20:38
Mine all disappeared a couple of weeks ago too. Not the PM's but the type that inform you of any comments made on a photo.

21st November 2009, 20:43
aye, same here davie

21st November 2009, 20:54
Mine also disappeared a couple of weeks ago.

Donegal Bay.
21st November 2009, 21:35
I logged in on one occasion last week, message informing that comments were added to a couple of my photos but when I opened the galleries the comments were not there.

21st November 2009, 23:02
yup my messages are in hiding as well....

Lady Gaga
21st November 2009, 23:04
Yeah, that's happened to me too Donegal Bay. I think one of them was one of your comments. Got an email saying about it but it's not gone onto my photo. :confused:

22nd November 2009, 10:53
Mine are the same, all the private messages are still there but the others have gone!

Davie Tait
22nd November 2009, 19:48
Ok so its the gallery messages you get when someone has commented on one of your photos thats the problem ??

I know if someone posts a message then deletes it the message you get saying that a comment has been left is still shown on your gallery messages.

22nd November 2009, 20:12
same here all the messanage have gone, but not the PM

22nd November 2009, 21:50
Hi Davie

Still nothing there, its the PM's that I'm missing.


Lady Gaga
22nd November 2009, 22:08
I PM'd the person who was said to have commented on my photo, to say that I had'nt deleted it (if they thought i was being rude), if that's what they'd thought, and they said they hadn't deleted it either :confused:

Lady Gaga
22nd November 2009, 22:09
Whatever!!! Still a fab website, despite a few blips... ;)

22nd November 2009, 22:53
just noticed this thread !!
All mine went a couple of days ago.

Lady Gaga
23rd November 2009, 10:27
You know how you can receive email updates on a photo, I have been finding that that's not always working either, sometimes you get an email when someone posts a comment and sometimes you don't.

wee lad
23rd November 2009, 18:27
Mine have gone missing as well just have two messages from my last photo upload

25th November 2009, 21:20
Just found this thread too, mine went missing at the same time.

Lady Gaga
26th November 2009, 15:06
I'm not getting email notification of comment updates on photos anymore, even though I have asked for them. Has anybody else got this problem? Am only finding out about newer comments by trying to remember which photos I have commented on and going back into them again :(

26th November 2009, 23:18
My messages are fine though I hadn't logged in for a few days before this so that might be why? Anyway, sometimes when I log in on the main gallery page it comes up with "this page cannot be displayed" or words to that effect, it's fine if I log in while viewing a photo but if I'm on the main page I have to load the site again from the home page then it's fine and I'm logged in. Also there's loads of error messages and sometimes a thumbnail of a photo says there's comments but when I load it there's no comments or not as many as it says.

Davie Tait
27th November 2009, 10:46
Sam if you don't log in to start with then go to the forum , click on the memberlist and log in that way , log out then log back in as you would normally do and that should fix the problem with getting into the gallery