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19th November 2009, 17:14
can anyone tell me where i could get hold off small mesh net like the nets made for the flume tank 'model trawls' i built working model trawlers in the past & the netting i have used is getting a bit tyerd now regards ray

20th November 2009, 10:31

Cam Watterson
20th November 2009, 16:40
we pulled apart a bath scruchie and we got about 12ft of netting, perfect for our models, we made a twin-rig out of them.
we also get netting from this company http://www.modellingtimbers.co.uk/23.html (3rd item down is the trawl netting)

6th December 2009, 20:08
thanks for the info your nets look very good regards ray

tom green
6th December 2011, 10:20
i used plain net curtains look around you will find it in all sizes and it behaves like a real net just make sure you ask the lady indoors :):)

bill wood
9th December 2011, 21:08
Try a fabric shop. They have mesh in various colours

Alan D
16th December 2011, 17:45
Like Bill Says Any Fabric Shop . The Material Is Called Tulle. Thats What I Use Its Not That Expensive And Comes In All Different Colours.

bill wood
23rd December 2011, 09:45
Thats the stuff. It fair makes your TuTu stick oot

27th February 2012, 17:00
thanks for the info i got some net matieral from a fabric shop in green as well regards ray

29th February 2012, 19:35
514hi ray i used mosquito net that people use over cots etc it is white but i sprayed mine with car paint green and orange for the codend it slightly stiffens the net but not much at all. i have found you dont have to drive the model as hard to keep the net in shape.