View Full Version : John Tyrrell & Sons. Yacht and Boat Builders. Arklow

26th September 2007, 13:19
Thought I'd share my Tyrrell data for what it's worth...
Still to sort out the photo links. Corrections/additions more than welcome..

fresh herrings
26th September 2007, 20:21
offscotland have you seen my photo of 1950 irish trawlers

28th November 2007, 15:36
1969 Realt na Mara was actually called Realt Na Maidine. WT reg.
built for the Wallace family in Cleggan Co.Galway.
later bought by my father Kevin Heaney,Inishturk Island, Co.Mayo
vessel was actually 37 ft in length.
Have some photos if you are of interest.
sold to Greencastle,Co.Donegal in 1991