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30th October 2009, 18:00
hi there everyone can anyone help ive had some stainless stees rails made for my cheetah cat. they are down in burry port wales im im looking to get them up to oban. theyre not heavy jus an aqward shape the longest one is 3m long and the have a meter bend at one end. Ive been quoted 250 quidbut if anyone could help id be gratefull to hear from you.

cheers callum

30th October 2009, 22:25
250 sounds a bit heavy, who made them. Have you rung around the couriers?

30th October 2009, 22:51
Give these guys a ring,i have sent parlour pots with them and just had a net hauler delivered through them for 19+vat,very fast and very helpful.

Couriers Express 0871 559 4158

Let me know how you get on ;)

30th October 2009, 23:09
hi there ab1 it was a guy mike howells thats made them for me hes made me a few bits and bobs for the boat very good id have to say. Even he didnt think it would have cost that much. Ive had a few quotes from different courers but they all seem to want to charge me for 3 pallets. Ill give the people filey bay has given a bell see if i get any joy. thanks for your reply chaps

6th November 2009, 18:59
have a look at http://www.shiply.com

list the stuff you need moving, from where to where

the idea is anyone that is travelling between to places offers to shift it, leave it a few days, you get more offers and the price drops. lots of haulage compaines use, so if they have any half or empty loads heading your way, anything they can make towards running costs is a bonus

works well, had allsorts moved this last year through that site, couple of tons of oak from inverness to to the tyne for 80 quid, big old kelvin engine from southampton to the tyne for 50 quid

9th November 2009, 00:46
hi mark yeh i found that sitegot a quote for 150 so just went for that seemed to bee good enough. ill def be useing the site again its a good idea. thanks to you all for your help