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Davie Tait
26th October 2009, 20:37
Having talked to Carol MacDonald today on the phone I've set up this forum so that anyone from the industry ( and those interested but not involved ) can ask questions , suggest questions to go forward and to discuss just how we put pressure on the government of the day ( regardless of its political make up ) to see sense and allow the fleet to keep fishing.

27th October 2009, 15:19
COD Crusaders Carol MacDonald and Morag Ritchie are to resurrect their campaign to aid the fishing industry after being approached by several skippers to take up their cause.
The duo last donned their crusading kilts in 2005, but the pair claim that in the past four years nothing has improved.

And so, after much soul-searching and debate, they have decided to re-enter the political frame in a bid to highlight the current plight of the industry.

Speaking to the Buchanie last week, Carol said: "We have been requested by fishermen to campaign once again for fishing community survival - a decision which we have not taken on board lightly as the previous campaign took its toll on both of us. However, both myself and Morag have agreed to see how we can be of assistance and we have already lined up meetings with politicians, simply to be the fishermens' messengers."

Carol said the for the past two months vessels in Northern Ireland had not been able to catch cod due to quota restrictions, and now 250 Scottish vessels were under the same strain, making the catching sector very vulnerable and fragile as it was cod that boosted a vessel's income.

Carol and Morag are re-launching their campaign to fight for Scottish fishermen's interests

"The catching industry is being forced to tie its business up to the quayside due to an unworkable regime imposed on it through the Common Fisheries Policy," she said.

"Dumping valuable fish, a good quality health food, should be cause for a human outcry considering the amount of poverty there is in other countries.

"The fish which has been caught has to go back into the sea dead due to the vessels' quota allocation preventing it from landing the fish into the market.

"Hospitals, retirement homes, schools, could all benefit from this nutritious food source, but sadly, as always, the government fails to listen to practicalities when it comes to the fishing industry."

She continued: "The Cod Crusaders proposed to the government in 2005 that the public sector make use of the fish and pay the fishermen and processors a minimum fee, plus it would allow them to gain a true scientific value of what was actually being caught. However, time has moved on since 2005 but things are no better for the industry."

Carol said she and Morag have nothing to personally gain from the campaign - they are two mothers who simply want a future for their children within the fishing industry.

"If an industry that a community is dependent on is declining then what hope have we for the future," she asked.

"Many will say that we are going over old ground by campaigning again, but fishermen's leaders and politicians are doing very little to highlight the severity of the issue and what consequences non-fishing activity will have on a community perspective.

"Once again, the harsh reality is that any suggestion which incorporates the fishing industry's viability is vetoed at the slightest possibility. It is as though those in power do not want to see a prosperous, functioning industry and this is why the Cod Crusaders will make their return to bring the fishing industry to the forefront once again


28th October 2009, 11:22

I remember the Cod Crusaders the last time they were trying to help the fishermen. I hope they have more success this time and if petitions need signing, we will do that, no bother at all. I have seen the CFP proposals in Fishnews EU and I have no idea what to think, its just a disgrace, what is
proposed. Why again, are we going to have to comply to these "EU Stand Over Tactics"

All the best to Morag and Carol.


29th October 2009, 13:05
Thanks Jim for the words of support, I dont know what we can do this time apart from highlight the Fishermen's plight to thr public, as we have exhausted all political avenues.
No petitions this time purely because the Government did not pay a blind notice to the 250.000 signed petition the last time, so if that does not tell you something I dont know, but hey we will give it another try for our communities sake!

30th October 2009, 12:10
Hello Carol,
Aye, I certainly remember, the huge amount of work that you did in the past and saw footage, where you presented the petitions and as you say nobody listened. Its a right worry for all the boats that are still fishing,you know more and better than me, about all associaed costs of running a boat, not to mention this latest, "brain snapping" proposal from the EU.
Again Carol, as another well known mannie said to you before, "keep the faith", all the best.


31st October 2009, 19:15
Hi Jim

Aye the fleet is going to have a struggle on their hands next year, it's sad to say! I just can not understand why there are not others shouting as we are, I myself am not connected to the catching sector directly now other than supplying the fleet with their Fire and Safety Equipment, however its role reversal now it's my job that depends on the industry, and I also have kids like many others here, who have to live in Fishing Communities, and as a mum I will try my utmost to do the best by them to preserve our Community way of life, but it's a struggle Jim, to persuade minds that our industry is a vital part to that way of life!
But hey I will keep chappin awa!


1st November 2009, 08:55
Hi Carol, next year will be no diffrent as far as quota is concerned, every year is a struggle what with the days at sea, dumping fish, it wont change !!! I've been at the job for 34 year and what i see happening to the industry now makes me rather sad. Only way anyone will be able to save the industry is to come out of the CFP and manage our own fishery. As far as i see the goverment want the fishing industry to diappear so its one less problem for them.

1st November 2009, 15:04
Hi Ally
They can try all they like to make the industry disapear, but I am sure with a bit of determination we will not allow this to happen.

13th February 2011, 15:36
Allowing fish to be landed for the public sector is a good idea in theory, however as with anything else related to fishing there are those who would find a way to profit from it. We have only to look at the situation with some pelagic boats to see that. I do wish you luck with your campaign though.