View Full Version : Does anyone have a photo of mfv GEMINI AH709

11th October 2009, 18:10
Does anyone have a photo of the GEMINI AH709 a 10 mtr potter from Arbroath
i bought her from a guy they nick named Gemini John and i had here for about three years in the Orkney isle until i sold her to a man who i cant remember the name in the isle of Mull.I would really like a few pictures of her as I never took any when I had her .

best regards Alan Pratt

Tommy K
11th October 2009, 19:41
Posted a picture of her in the basin.


Roger the cabin boy
27th October 2009, 09:45
Hello there the Gemini is moored 100 yards from my boat at Ulva ferry isle of Mull. Alec Cowe has her. I will take a few pics for you if the gale and non stop rain eases a little. Regards Steven Paterson

4th November 2009, 08:55
that would be great would really like to see her now that Alec has her ,,look forward to seeing the pics

best regards Alan Pratt