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Davie Tait
22nd September 2007, 23:29
We have had a request for help sent into the site by a very good artist. Here is his message.

As a working artist, I am looking for a photograph of a trawler in heavy seas and bright sunlight. I want to work from this to produce a really decent, accurate but lively painting - and duly accredit the photgrapher.

To see what I do - visit www.joedowden.com

I don't have very many marine paintings on the site at the moment but I have done a great many over the years, and exhibited at the Royal Society of Marine Artists twice. This trawler painting will be a new venture for me. I hope to get it in my October show. Many, many thanks if anyone can help me.

Joe Dowden

Joe is a member of the site using his name as his membership.

Davie Tait