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28th September 2009, 07:47
Talk about being lucky, one of the guys at work asked me if I was still building model fishing boats. When I said yes, he said would you like a kit I started in 1981, and is still sitting in my shed, I jumped at the chance even not knowing what it was. So the next day he brings a large garbage bag in myu office, and inside was --------- a barely started framed up model, It is the Artesania Latina Eileen H96, all the plans which I've scanned at full size, in fact everything is there,all the timber in drawing tubes, after all these years, deck fittings etc. etc. '
It is the full wooden kit not the later ABS hulled one.
This vessel is also.the subject of a MM plan as well which I've had for years but never started.
I would like to know if anyone can tell me, which builders style does the hull and wheelhouse, come close to, so I can build it as a certain vessel instead of a generic one.
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5th October 2009, 13:13
I built this kit a long time ago. When finished the model is similar to Liberty H580 that fished out of Brid for many years. Plenty of pictures of her in vintage section

5th October 2009, 23:32
Thank you for that info H371 ,