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bill wood
6th December 2006, 20:19
I have 4 pelagict purser/trawler hulls available in GRP
They are of a new75m style vessel at 1/75 scale ie 1m long
They have not been cut down so that the builder can modify to suit any vessel.
As these are off a mould which I comissioned the cost per hull is 65 including postage.

If you wish a hull or want more details please let me know.

I am currently moulding a ZULU, - a herring boat of the 1890's again about 1m long


4th January 2007, 19:25
hi bill
is it possible to post some pictures of the different hulls that you have, i built a model of the krossfjord from scratch which i was quite pleased with until i saw yours.mind i have never seen one of this new breed of super pursers in real life i built it off pictures that davie tait sent me on the ships nostalgia sight,very helpful and knowledgeable man.i usually scratch build all my hulls but i like the look of yours.when i get my PC back i will post some pictures of some of the trawlers that i have built.as it is i am using my laptop at the moment and all my pictures are on the other one and i am not to clever on these thing,s.also do you buy your hiabs or do you build them yourself.they were never in use on the trawlers i fished on way back when it was all derricks and winches.you can always get me on my own web sight
www.trawlercook@trawlercook.karoo.co.uk if its easier many thanks bill
best regards
colin burrows

**put my right name in Colin anytime you need photos just shout**