View Full Version : Iris LT942 postcard.

Mark Fraser
6th September 2009, 21:21
I'm new on here and I admit I'm not a trawler afficianado like the rest of you...........however I hope you can help!
I am researching a vintage postcard of what appears to be a trawler called Iris whose number is LT942......does anyone have any details about this boat?
Thanks In Advance,
Mark Fraser

Davie Tait
6th September 2009, 21:52
This is the photo we have of her on the site

From looking at her she is a 2 masted sailing trawler or sailing drifter , she looks to be a type that was built between the mid 1800's until 1920 ( I think the Master Hand LT1203 was the last one built ) , built of wood with a steam powered capstan for hauling either the trawl rope or drift net head rope.

Mark Fraser
6th September 2009, 23:43
Any idea where she was based?