View Full Version : Finish wood effect on Wheelhouse?

28th August 2009, 13:30
Can anyone please advise me how to create the streaked effect on sides of wheelhouse, Thank you Delta

5th September 2009, 11:25
The answer to this is called scumble, look it up on Google, in short it's one coat of paint over another, the top coat is streaked or scumbled before it is fully dry using a scumbling rubber tool or a piece of rag, as my old man used to do. He was a dab hand at it, and as I've said before my Ma had to stop him doing all the flat surfaces in the house, even if they were polished wood. He reckoned he could do it better. He even did the metal body panels between the real wood on a 1962 Morris Traveller.

5th September 2009, 15:12
to actually do it on a model is somewhat harder than on a full sized ship/
The best way is to paint the underpaint layer and let dry. This would be the cream coating, and can be don with humbrol enamel paint of a satisfactory cream colour.
Once dry, obtain a plastic "nit comb" from a local pharmacy...they are very fine toothed combs and perfect for the job.
Chop the nit comb into widths of about 10mm wide downwards so that you have about 8 teeth per "tool"

Paint on the top brown colour of choice, again with a humbrol enamel( acrylics dry too quickly) and just as it is beginning to go tacky, you can begin to "scumble" the grain into the panel.........it won't work first time ( well mine never has) and keep a bowl of thinners to wash the surplus paint off, but if you have a practice on some scrap panels, and also have a picture of a real ship's panel next to your minature.......you'll do fine.
good luck, neil.

6th September 2009, 14:20
Very good, thanks for this information, I couldnt remember the name, (age thing) I think this is similar painting customising that one can see on the Show people's trucks, (I could be wrong though, I test this out and report once again Many thanks. Delta.

bill wood
15th September 2009, 20:23
Have a look at Alis Wood build photos where I have partly explained graining

Bill W

17th September 2009, 00:04
If you need advice on scummeling, P.M. Douglas Paterson, a member of this site.

Any questions on the subject and the art, he's a reknowned expert.