View Full Version : Frv Alba Na Mara

bill wood
16th September 2007, 16:01
I am thinking of moulding the hull of the new fisheries vessel currently being built at Macduff. There are photos on this site.

The hull would be about 900mm long and supplied with a GA drawing.

To make it viable I need about 10 prospective customers who would be interested in purchasing a hull with plan at about 60
I can be contacted on wpwood50@tiscali.co.uk

25th December 2007, 20:00
A very nice vessel , Bill and I would most definately be interested in a hull. I took photos of her moored in Millport Harbour/bay this summer and posted pics on shipsnostalgia, not knowing what she was. Davie T put me straight, and I thought she would make a very nice model when I saw her. there have been a number of shots posted on the site since.cheers,neil.

Davie Tait
25th December 2007, 20:11
The one you saw was the smaller one built for Wales Neil but the Alba Na Mara is nicer looking again.. I have an album of photo's on here of her from roll out to trials.

25th December 2007, 20:23
oh right, Davie. I thought they were one and the same. I'll have a look at the ones photo'd on s/n . cheers,neil.
I'd have been sod all use on the bridge of a destroyer, couldn't recognise a rowing boat from a battleship?!
i see what you mean Davie. just had a look at my photo again and the info that you and skjold poste. similar but notedly different. cheers, neil.