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15th August 2009, 18:26
have recently purchased a partly completed model which has been built to the personal design of the previous owner on a commercial GRP hull (see pics). He tells me that it is not based on any type of boat in particular, but having considered its potential I wonder whether it could be adopted to become a generic beam trawler.

I have done a lot of research online and have a number of images and arrangements of beam trawlers. One of the things I am struggling with is the rigging of the masts & trawls, types of winches etc. Unfortunately I'm a bit unclear as to the scale of this model. The hull is 107cm. in length with a deck beam of 17.5cm.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.


15th August 2009, 20:02
Rebecca, if I am right, I actually made the plug and mould for that hull some years ago. [ ABOUT 1994]
MY friend at the time constructed the basic hull and I detailed it and then took moulds from it.
Eventually it, along with others were sold to Metcalf Mouldings.
It was in fact a strangely scaled model hull, at 5/16th inch to the foot hull for an old Fleetwood side trawler [ not a beamer] called Margaret Wicks, which was wrecked on the Isle of Mull in the 1970's.
That's why you'll find no ref to her as a beamer in any books.
Now a days it is marketed and sold by a company called Models by Design.

Hope this helps.

Davie Tait
15th August 2009, 20:29
There were a lot of Belgian beamers that were conversions of this era of sidewinders so maybe our Dutch/Belgian members can suggest some boats to look at for details.

15th August 2009, 21:11
built in a scale of 1;32 it would give a beamer of 112' loa.
at 1;48 scale the original would have been 168'loa.

Davie Tait
15th August 2009, 21:48
I should have a set of photos of the Morning Dawn PD359 when she was still fishing which shows how all the deck gear is laid out and rigged. Won't have a chance to get them on tonight but I'll try tomorrow. If not tomorrow it'll be in week and a half or so once I'm home from holiday

18th August 2009, 14:14
Dear Neil & Davie,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply to this and the helpful suggestions that you have made. Fascinated to hear that you were involved with the hull's design Neil. I will research the Margaret Wicks a bit more. If there are photos that you can send Davie I would appreciate them, but no rush.

Rebecca :)

Davie Tait
18th August 2009, 21:48
I've found the photos and uploaded them to the site. 44 photos showing the way the mast is rigged and the layout of the deck , etc


20th August 2009, 23:31
Davie, you're a true gentleman.

Rebecca :D

28th August 2009, 14:48

the former belgian beam B5 Drakkar was a bit like this, she was originally built as sidewinder and converted into a beamer, later she was sold becomming Z5 Drakkar, later she was sold to ireland and she is still fishing there as T31 Drakkar 2, if you look on shipdata you will find pictures of her, she lookes very good like your model