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Davie Tait
3rd August 2009, 19:07
We've been getting a lot of errors in uploading lately , due primarily to the sizee of the site I think. I've reset the system to upload one photo at a time for now. We are going to be upgrading the gallery software to the latest version soon and once that is in place I will change it back to 3 uploads at a time.

Kit an Hour
9th August 2009, 21:45
Hi Dave
Had problem uploading a couple of photos, it kept saying error but when looked for photo has uploaded 4 times and into wrong gallery i think?

Davie Tait
10th August 2009, 19:40
Ok here's what you need to do to clear the queue of photos in your account

To clear the photos stuck in the queue here's what you do.

Click Upload but do not select any photos form your PC , select a gallery ( use one of the over 10m ones ) you want then click upload/submit

On the next screen the list of photos will show up as normal , between the small image and the extra info boxes is a small box with a tick in it. Use your mouse pointer to go over this box then click once with the left mouse button , this should untick the box leaving it empty.

Scroll down the screen and do this for all the images stuck in the queue then click Process and it will clear them all off the list for you.


Davie Tait
10th August 2009, 19:42
If you get an error message when you try to upload ( usually an out of memory error ) use the backspace or back icon in your browser to get back to the upload page then click on the gallery link and the photo will have uploaded

Cam Watterson
13th August 2009, 11:56
Hi i have a photo to upload but the site wont let me bacause its PDF and i cant change the pic to my normal JPEG pics.

Davie Tait
13th August 2009, 19:46
Open the PDF file and make sure the photo is as large as it can be and then press the "Print Screen sysRq" button ( usually above the 4 arrow keys between the number pad and the main keyboard ). Open your photo editing software and open a new file at the full screen size. Use the Select All function then hold down the Ctrl button and press the V button that will paste the screen grab into the file.

Depending on the software you will probably have to use the layers options to flatten the image ( it pastes a layer at a time ). You can then crop out the background you don't want and save it as a jpg file.

Cam Watterson
20th August 2009, 16:36
thanks Davie