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30th July 2009, 18:46

am having uploading problems when i upload a photo and it uploaded same photo again! so can any Admin or Mod help?

Thanks Jordan

Davie Tait
30th July 2009, 19:42
To clear the photos stuck in the queue here's what you do.

Click Upload but do not select any photos form your PC , select a gallery ( use one of the over 10m ones ) you want then click upload/submit

On the next screen the list of photos will show up as normal , between the small image and the extra info boxes is a small box with a tick in it. Use your mouse pointer to go over this box then click once with the left mouse button , this should untick the box leaving it empty.

Scroll down the screen and do this for all the images stuck in the queue then click Process and it will clear them all off the list for you.


30th July 2009, 19:58
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 129 bytes) in /var/www/html/gallery/pp-inc.php on line 1366

i tryed a photo of the Valhalla i took and it uploaded Amber mist!

Davie Tait
30th July 2009, 20:17
If you get that error it will have uploaded the photo and left it stuck in the queue as well Jordan so do what i've posted above and it will clear the queue for you

matty b
31st July 2009, 10:51
im having problems uploading, i get to the process stage, click process and the picture wont uploads onto the website.

31st July 2009, 19:12
Chaps just upload one at a time, you'll often get an error message but it will upload usually:)

martin johns
31st July 2009, 19:30
If I get an error message I open up trawler photos a second time in another window to check the photo has uploaded. If it has I then close the first window.