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martin johns
2nd September 2007, 13:28
Is anyone aware of a model supplier that sells realistic model trawl winches & pot/net haulers of a scale of about 1/16.

Davie Tait
2nd September 2007, 17:18
Scoonie's in Kirkcaldy have a few bigger winch's Martin but you'd need to talk to them direct to see if anything they have is suitable.

They list once as close to 10cm wide if thats any help.


martin johns
2nd September 2007, 22:58
Cheers Davie. I'll try them

bill wood
16th September 2007, 15:50
These are best made to suit the boat .
Easily made using plasticard and plastic tubing.

Circular flanges are made by cutting plasticard with a pair of dividers

Barrels and brakes are made by appropriate diameter plastic tubes

Frames are made of plasticard and plastic angle or I section

Hydraulic motors are made of plastic tube with smaller tube for the individual vanes
Hydraulic piping is of various diameters of solder.

Warping barrels are made from plastic tube (maybe 2-3 telescoped inside each other) grooved by a round file in a handraulic lathe.
I will see if I have parts made which I can photograph and send on.

Rope Reels are made of copper wire on a wooden spoke template

Hydraulic cranes/power blocks are fabricated from plasticard,tube and section.

A winch made like above will be both exact for your boat and only cost 1 for the bits.

Plastic section available from EMA model supplies, sales@ema-models.com
or tel 01932 228228


bill wood
25th September 2007, 22:02
I have downloaded some photos of part assembled winches made from plastic card and tube.
Downloaded in 'General Modelling '
Bill Wood

29th June 2014, 22:16
bill have you any idea where to purchase a seine net winch and beccles coiler iam building a rc model of my old mans boat best rgds skiboo

bill wood
4th July 2014, 23:36
SKIBOO I dont think you can purchase these so you will need to make them. As above I have downloadedphotos and drawings. If you are really stuck then tell me the scale and I will send you dwgs if I can