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Dave Leishman
15th November 2006, 10:05
It makes the task of finding photos of particular boats much easier if the PLN is added to the photo title, so for example, Accord BCK262 rather than just Accord.

Additionally, it makes my life much simpler if, when uploading images, the title could be filled in. If the title isn't entered then the image assumes the title based on the filename, and I have to edit each photo to correct the title.

Barend from Harlingen
24th November 2007, 19:37
Usually I upload my pictures with as title the registration number first and then the name of the vessel (i.e. GY-57 Eben Haezer). This instead of the example given (Accord BCK262). Which notation has your preference? Or doesn't it matter in which order the title is written?

Davie Tait
24th November 2007, 19:48
So long as the Registry and name is in the title the order doesn't matter Barend. It makes searching through the site a lot easier if both are in the title thats all.


Barend from Harlingen
24th November 2007, 20:14
Thanks for your quick response, Davie. One more question about the Registry:

Does the "-" in the Registry (i.e. NG-12) not affect the search option of this website?

Davie Tait
24th November 2007, 20:18
I don't think it does , besides thats how the registry is shown on the vessel and thats how most people will search for it.


Barend from Harlingen
24th November 2007, 20:31
OK, Thanks Davie!

1st April 2013, 20:52
A return to "where seen" would be an added advantage. In fact it should be compulsary.

Davie Tait
1st April 2013, 22:23
the "where seen" bit stopped working last year and we've tried our best to get it to work when you post a photo , stupid thing is that if you edit the photo and put in the info it'll show up , I've tried resetting the bits in the admin panel I have access to see if I can get it working and no joy

I think the best way is to do what I do and put the location in the description box