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5th July 2009, 17:28

5th July 2009, 22:41
hehehe thats the stuff :D
Time those dangerous criminal fanatics got layed into!!

5th July 2009, 22:49

Fine example of their hypocracy, the "non violent" organisation they are...
The greenpeace boat is technically the stand on boat and the official blame is probably on the whaling boat, but its fairly obvious from the video what is going on and who is ramming who, knowing fine well the law is behind them.

5th July 2009, 23:46
SORRY, But to play devils advocate here, where would this world be without Greenpeace............a sadder world.....a world without such beautiful creatures as the whales that we see, roaming the worlds oceans for our kids to see, not just to read about in HISTORY.
we've had it before with the Icelanders during the cod wars, and they weren't playing a game.........they were bloody serious and wanted to sink our trawlers,cut our warps making it too dangerous for crews to remain on deck, and shoot life ammo at our skippers and crew.........these guys on Greenpeace ships are purely and simply trying to make a point................good on 'em I say.

6th July 2009, 11:01
I dont know if there is any scientific evidence that the whales the japanese take in the antarctic are going to dissappear, im sure davie will be able to tell us...

And funnily enough i do believe it was the icelanders who came up with the idea of ramming on the stbd side so they would technically be in the right.

Greenpeace are a totally laughable organisation with no qualms at all about spreading outright lies, especially about the famous north sea cod that are apparently extinct and about whitefish pair trawlers catching those greatly valued and highly sought after dolphins :mad:

Absoloutley no time for them at all and in my eyes will always be a bunch of fanatical eco terrorists!

Davie Tait
6th July 2009, 19:24
Neil has a very good point. When Greenpeace started in the 1960's they campaigned against whaling , killing Rhino and Elephants , protecting the great Apes , etc. Without them I guess there would be at least 6 species of whale less on Earth today than at present , Rhino's would be gone completely and Elephants would be at a level that they would be gone in less than 10 years.

The Whales the Japanese are killing in the South Atlantic are not critically endangered ( Minkie Whales for the most part ) but some of the other Species of whales they want to kill are very very susceptible to hunting that could tip them over the edge into extinction.

The Fishing "info" they spout is based on data that is in the public domain and is at least 15 years old in most cases. They ignore the fact that the fishing fleets have been decimated by decommissioning , are using larger mesh nets with square mesh escape panels and are crippled by the days-at-sea restrictions meaning that compared to 15 years ago there is less than 30% of the fishing effort in the seas around Europe than then.

I just wish they would publically admit to the fact that they are against ALL fishing and animal farming and only want Humans to eat Vegetables. If you see any Greenpeace activist and ask them if they would eat meat or fish they will ALL come out with the mantra that "Meat is MURDER"