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11th August 2007, 09:43
I am the daughter of Jim Read who, sadly, I never got to know as I was born on 6th May 1959 and my father was lost with the Red Falcon on 14th December 1959.

I often think about my dad and what my life would have been like had he lived, as my mother met and married an evil man who then became my stepfather.
He was a very jealous man and with me being a reminder that my mother had been married to another man I used to get beaten for nothing, just for being alive.
The times I used to go to bed and pray to God that my dad wasnít really dead and that he would soon come back and rescue me.

My life was hell it was that bad. I used to wish I was dead and I had my first daughter when I was 19 years old. That relationship didnít work, however, and I ended up getting married to my first husband, which meant my daughter, also would have a stepfather.

While I was pregnant with my second, child a son, my husband was beginning to lose his temper a lot with my daughter, so not wanting her to have the same life that I had, I ended that marriage when I was 5 months pregnant and got on with my life.

I found out through a relative that when my father died there was a trust fund for the families so I enquired about it and was told that I had been left £500, which was for me when I turned 21.

I wrote of for this and received a cheque for £17. My mother had been writing to the fund for money for holidays and clothes for school. However, the only holidays I used to have were at my late fathers parents, my nanny and granddad Read, and they used to pay for them as they did for school clothes. My stepfather never did an honest days work and we used to get a government school grant for clothes.

In 1982 I met the kindest man we married in 1985. He has taken my 2 children on plus we have 2 more together we are now proud grandparents to 7 and another 1 due in jan2008 so, apart from having to work all hours to have a decent life, I have found happiness.
I often think if losing my father hadnít happened, how my life would have been so different.
I would have been brought up by my real father and would have probably been a right daddyís girl.
Donít get me wrong my nanny and granddad Read loved me to bits but my stepfather didnít allow us much contact with them. I still see my auntie Betty who still lives in Fleetwood.

As we live in Withernsea near Hull my dream is to take my husband and four grown up children along with my soon to be 8 grandchildren on a big family holiday. So if it means working all hours to try and fulfil my dream then Iíll carry on, as all my kids are treated the same by my husband.
I think what Iím trying to say is that although its nearly 48yrs since the loss of the Red Falcon peoples lives can still be affected.
Iíve missed out on not having my dad and I donít have anywhere to go and place flowers or to go and sit and just think my dadís there, as I donít know where he is apart from somewhere in the sea.
Anyway thank you for letting me get all this off my chest and if anyone could tell me more about my dad I would be so grateful lots of love from Janice Read (that was)