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bill wood
5th August 2007, 19:01
Anybody got a photo, brochure or able to sketch from memory what a Jensen winch looks like.

Im making a model of a boat built in Forbes in 1969 and have details of the Lossie Rope reels and Powerblock but need the Jensen Winch.
Any help appreciated

5th August 2007, 21:19
Is that the type used for anchor seining? If so, I've got a pic here, but no idea if it's a Jensen or not?? Will post it in the fishing gear section.

5th August 2007, 21:26
Uploaded pic now. Hope it's what you're after, cos I dont know much about winches.

Davie Tait
5th August 2007, 21:43
I've sent you an Email Bill with what little photo's i've got ( off other sites ).

I'm away on holiday in the morning till the 16th.


22nd August 2007, 14:34

bill wood
25th August 2007, 08:18
Thanks to all replies
I think Porthenry has the Jensen winch as I remember
Will post photos of my model version when finished
Bill W