View Full Version : just an idea guys

26th April 2009, 21:09
anyone suggested like running a irc chat site for here im more than willing to help all who may be interested in joing a irc network i run m own irc server for like five year or setting one up for here just an idea guys if anthing its sommit for a all to sit in chat directly and have a bit off a banter
cheers guys :):)

Davie Tait
26th April 2009, 21:25
If you want to run a chat server then just put up a link , we don't have a chat server option in the software yet

27th April 2009, 01:19
cool m8 will do ill just like upload the software its the irc script you will need all you will need to do is download it open the rar file and follow the simple intros to get on network in thats it let me know were a want me to post the link so plp know were to get software m8 or if a want add me to msn and we can chat direct or answer an questions you or members may have :):)