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blue bird
2nd August 2007, 15:12
I know the whereabouts of three of Herd and Mackenzie trawler yachts,
Andvari, Arvor 11, Astra Volante, (now Leonor 11). Can anybody help with
any history on these three trawler yachts plus any information on the
whereabouts of any of the other 12 please.

6th August 2007, 20:47
One is being used in America as a cruise boat for paying guests on the eastern seaboard have seen 1 advertised somewhere on a boat site not sure which one though

6th August 2007, 21:11
Andvari - built 1960. 47ft long.In 2006 she was seen lying in the mud at Falmouth, apparently fell off whilst lying at the quay and staved in her side.

Arvor 111 - built 1962. 63ft long.Owned by a Mark Tyler Sheldon, Maine, New England, USA.

Astra Volante - built 1961. 56ft long. Now called Leonor and based in Barcelona.

6th August 2007, 21:39
Arvor 111 was the one I saw on the net

2nd December 2007, 11:14
Skomer , ship no 199 has been in Australia since 1987 and we purchased her in 2003. We have been fixing her up since then and she is looking pretty good.She is largely original and we are trying to keep her that way. Last year she sailed from Sydney to the Whitsundays Islands in the Great Barrier Reef and back. The major projects this year have been repairs to the topsides and a complete repaint .