View Full Version : Minke Whale in Fraserburgh harbour..

Davie Tait
2nd August 2007, 11:06

I'm just back from the harbour and i'll add an update to the above.

3 adults and 1 calf followed one of the large pelagic fishing vessels into Fraserburgh harbour last night ( the vessel had landed Herring at Peterhead and was cleaning its tanks of the last few tonnes on its way into harbour ). 2 Adults managed to turn around and leave the harbour before going into the main deep water basin. This morning ( 10:30am ) there was still 1 calf ( about 6ft so this years brood ) and its Mother whale in beside the large pelagic vessels.

The local marine rescue volunteers are at the harbour just now attempting to coax the whales back out into the open sea.

I'll upload a photo this afternoon in the ports section.

Davie Tait

Davie Tait
2nd August 2007, 16:23

8 other photo's in that gallery.

Davie Tait
3rd August 2007, 20:28
Well they got bl**dy lucky tonight.

The Minkie Whale has got out of the harbour no thanks to these "experts" I just hope it doesn't end up stranded dead on the beach by morning.....