View Full Version : Problem uploading photos

Iain Maciver SY
16th April 2009, 21:56
I have a problem uploading photo's to the site. When i get to the upload page and select the photos i want uploaded they upload fine but the system also uploads other photos that i didnt select which is pretty annoying as i have to go deleting them each time. I've noticed on the upload page that it says i have 5 imaged Que'd to upload and i'm just wondering how i can delete these photos in the que to avoid them being uploaded every time i upload photos to the site. Hope this explains the problem ok?? :confused: :confused:

Davie Tait
16th April 2009, 22:17
Select a gallery but DON'T select any photos from your PC and click submit. You will be taken to the list of photos that are stuck in the queue. Between the thumbnail and the extra info boxes you will see a small box with a tick in it , click on that and once all of the tick boxes are empty click on submit and that will clear them off the system for you.

19th April 2009, 22:54
i have been trying to upload some photos but when i press submit they seem to be duplicated

Davie Tait
20th April 2009, 15:06
If you follow the instructions I gave above then you can delete the ones in the list. If you get an error ( out of memory upload failed or similar ) don't click refresh or F5 click back on your browser and then gallery and you'll find the images are on the system. We are trying to figure out why we're getting this error.

20th April 2009, 21:41
iv found make sure you only click submit once, if you keep pressing it it seems to up load a couple times