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1st August 2007, 22:13
Am writing up a short history of this yard at present, output mainly drifters and trawlers,an odd coaster, and Admiralty trawlers and drifters. Does anyone have any pics of their builds, or anecdotes about the boats? thanks, Graham

Davie Tait
1st August 2007, 22:23
Graham my Great Grandfathers drifter was built there.

Philorth FR211
Built 1907 by J.Duthie of Torry for William Tait & sons Fraserburgh.
100GRT , 84ft6 x 18ft1 x 8ft10.
18" compount engine by J.S.Vaux of Sunderland(35ihp or 460hp).
Boiler by T.Sudron , Stockton on Tees (140PSI).
Requisitioned for war service 1915-1919 as an anti-submarine net vessel and fitted with a 3pdr gun. Foundered 24th February 1919 on passage home from Syria , Italy and Malta whilst in Royal Navy.



1st August 2007, 22:53
Wonder why the English engine? Most of their drifters were engined by Abernethy at Aberdeen.

Davie Tait
1st August 2007, 23:04
Don't know Graham maybe the price was a bit cheaper and the delivery time a bit quicker. No one left alive in the family that would know i'm afraid.

2nd August 2007, 15:25
And would the boat go to SD to get engined, or the engine come to Aberdeen???
Know that a lot of the smaLL Scottish yards used to have the boats towed to Aberdeen for engining....

Davie Tait
2nd August 2007, 15:53
Probably came up by coaster Graham. As far as I know she was built , engined and delivered by the yard.

5th August 2007, 12:24
cheers, Davie. That seems most likely.