View Full Version : Dolphins 'harassed' by sightseers

Davie Tait
13th April 2009, 20:18

Coastguards have warned off a group of sightseers spotted "harassing" a pod of dolphins off the Devon coast.

The sightseers, who were in rigid inflatable boats, were seen alongside the mammals off Brixham breakwater at about 1300 BST on Monday.

Coastguard officers sailed to the group and told them not to get too close.

Brixham Seawatch said the group of bottlenose dolphins would have found the encounter "stressful" and the sightseers had been "ignorant".

Lindy Hingley, from the organisation, said: "I think the sightseers are ignorant, a disgrace and very short-sighted.

"They may have an amazing day where they see these animals, but they don't realise the consequences.

"We know this group of dolphins have three young with them.

"They would have been concerned and traumatised by the fast boats trying to get close to them and it would have frightened them greatly."

Might be time , not before time really , that we had the American/Australian system where you have to have a permit to operate a boat. Think of it would we be allowed to buy and drive a sports car without a driving licence , road tax and insurance ?? no of course we can't legally but anyone can buy a powerful speedboat and take it out of the harbour without lights , flares , VHF , life jackets , liferaft , Nav gear , insurance , any form of licence ( ticket ) or training. So many people die every year due to going to sea without experience , training , safety gear , etc that the time must be coming for it to be made compulsory soon. !!!