View Full Version : Deadliest Catch

Kev Munro
31st July 2007, 18:10
Channel 4 has a series called Deadliest Catch starting on Saturday the 4th of August. Not sure if its a repeat of the Discovery channels series or not.

Davie Tait
31st July 2007, 19:51
It is Kevin they're starting at Series 1. Hopefully i'll not have a powercut at home when i'm off on holiday as i'm leaving the DVD recorder set for it lol

1st August 2007, 13:01
Gripping stuff,
have seen them all and if the King Crab continue their march down the Norweigan coast and beyond, maybe the Deadliest catch will be shot on Scottish boats in the future.

3rd August 2007, 18:08
You'll get hooked, Pardon the 'pun', although there are no hooks to be seen. Series one is good but I think series 2 is better, the crews are more relaxed with the camera's. Look out for one of the star vessels, the "Northwestern", looks like a boat, got their own website, some of the work practices of crew in all states of weather will make you cringe though, hope there will be a series 3, good stuff.

3rd August 2007, 18:24

ron hansen
8th August 2007, 15:28
you dont want to see this crab on the scottish coast they destroy everything in their path and are nothing but a pest imported by the russians after the second world war