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30th July 2007, 11:17
just wondering if it would be worthwhile having a place for boats that have been converted ex fihing boats etc.??? jonah,and/or a place for decommisioned boats??

Davie Tait
30th July 2007, 12:54
Its something that was under consideration already Jonah. Nothing has been done just now as the Site's future has been getting sorted out. Hopefully once everything settles down again we can re-organize things a little as I think a gallery for converted ex-fishing boats and one for decommissioned boats does make sense although i don't particularly fancy having to go through all of the galleries shifting photo's around lol :eek: :D

30th July 2007, 19:20
soubds like a good idea.

Davie Tait
30th July 2007, 20:55
The converted boats will go into the Vintage boats section if they are old or into the non-fishing section if they are still working in commercial trade. There will be a new gallery for decommissioned/scrapped vessels in the very near future :D

More news on the future of the site as and when I can say please keep checking the announcements sections.

Davie :D :D