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12th November 2006, 21:48
Hi can anyone tell me of a good supplier of various thickness's of plasti card and plywoods. Trying to my stock for winter building sorted and at the moment keep running into a brick wall in finding a cheap and steady supplier. Many i have tried online but seem to be getting expensive as the year goes on .... can anyone suggest who and where. Thanks

Dave Leishman
13th November 2006, 00:06
I've never really had to think about a cheap source of plasti card, as I tend to buy it at shows without really thinking about the cost - more fool me I suppose...

I don't use the thin plywoods, but I seem to recall being sent a link to a supplier some time ago - I'll have a dig and see if I can find it again :)

18th November 2006, 03:24
Can't help you with plasticard but a good source of materials for 'spars', masts and derricks, etc is knitting needles - available in a good range of sizes.

Davie Tait
18th November 2006, 23:33
Good old FleaBay again lol

I'll start off with the plasticard suppliers
envision-craft (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/envision-craft)
Station Road Baseboards (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Station-Road-Baseboards)

Balsa sheet suppliers
I have used Streamline sales before and they always deliver quickly and reliably
Streamline Sales (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/STREAMLINE-SALES-101)
The Oldmans Shed (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/the-oldmans-shed)
Special Gifts 4 All (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/SpecialGifts4all)


17th December 2006, 20:15
Which BCK drifter are you building?
I am building BCK 209 Jeannie McIntosh.

Have you seen this website?



19th December 2006, 09:25
I use www.stationroadbaseboards.co.uk for my orders. Chech his website there are all sorts of plasticard to buy and reasonable as well. Bill

Peter the Modeller
31st December 2007, 19:23
Try Squires
01243 842424
They will send you a catalogue, and they have everything you need.
I mean Everything!

Best of Luck

1st January 2008, 23:10
peter, are squires the company that used to be Slaters plasticard of Matlock bath/buxton area? can't seem to find slaters anymore in any directory.cheers.

Peter the Modeller
6th January 2008, 19:33
I don't know whether they were in Matlock, they are now in Bognor. They stock all the Slater's range and more. Corrugated iron, diamond plate and all the sections that you will need.

6th January 2008, 22:56

Rob Andrew
7th January 2008, 10:09
They're really a railway modelling outfit, but Nairnshire Modelling Supplies stock some useful bits and bobs. Here's an extract from theiir price list which they hide at the foot of the fourth paragraph of their introduction.

Plastic sheet material styrene card:

Plastic sheet 80 thou in Black 1.90
Plastic sheet 80 thou in white 1.90
Plastic sheet 60 thou in black 1.35
Plastic sheet 60 thou in white 1.35
Plastic sheet 40 thou in black 1.00
Plastic sheet 40 thou in white 1.00
Plastic sheet 30 thou in white 0.85
Plastic sheet 20 thou in white 0.70
Plastic sheet 10 thou in white 0.50


7th January 2008, 22:34
Have seen a model shop in Inverness has recently opened in Grant Street they might be worth contacting I am sure their web site addy is www.invernessmodelshop.co.uk

8th January 2008, 17:20
cheers, gents.lost the track on plasticard for a while but stocks are getting low. great help.neil.