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Ianstoon Loon
22nd July 2007, 02:44
Dear Members,
I am trying to track down a photo of the Banff steam drifter Sapphire Stone....BF 77 (I think) My grandfather was "driver" on her and she was the last drifter to leave Buckie harbour after being laid up there.
Also the old steam trawler Strathella out of Aberdeen in the 50's. I was browsing the trawler photos and the photo entitled old hands, submitted by Ally, gave me an extreme nostalgic shock. There was the skipper Dod Gairn (George Garden) on the bows flanked by his crew of the "Coulard Bank"
He was my next door neighbour of 2 Seafield Street Ianstown, now long, long, since departed for "Fiddlers Green".
A great site giving me intense pleasure and waves of nostalgia for ..."The days of yore"
Kind Regards Jimmy Morrison.

22nd July 2007, 09:37
Hello Jimmy, thats my father at the stem of the Coular Bank, he worked aboard her for a while. There's a few more photos of her in the Vintage fishing boats section. Glad you enjoy the site.:)

23rd July 2007, 11:01
Hello Ianstoon Loon,
I think Sapphire Stone was BF 117. Keep them postings coming.

23rd July 2007, 15:48
Hello Jimmy,

McFlett's right with the number BF117, sold to the Faeroes in 1957. Hope you enjoy the site.

Ianstoon Loon
23rd July 2007, 22:25
Thanks lads,
For the info on the Sapphire Stone registry. I have a book that was sent to me from Ianstown called Steam Drifters Recalled-Portgordon to Portsoy....153 pages and a mine of information, with plenty of B&W photos, and found the Spphire Stone info there but alas no photo, still, hopefully one will turn up also the old steam trawler Strathella out of Aberdeen.
Kind Regards Jimmy Morrison.

10th January 2008, 19:25
where/why dose the name come come from