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1st March 2009, 19:58
I have noticed on other chat forums there is usually a thread for newcomers to introduce themselves. I've not come across one on here so thought I would start one.

I came across your site trhough word of mouth and thought i'd have a quick look and be done with it. However after spending less than a minute on here it immediately appealed to me and the administrators must be congatulated it is a wonderful site.

I have done a little bit of comercial fishing but have since retired from the industry, it being very much a young man's game. I have recognised a few of the names on here, (and boats) and look forward to swapping yarns with them as time goes by (the people, not the boats)

My chosen fishing was crabbing, although I have done a very little trawling. I have fished in the North sea, the North Atlantic, the English Channel and local Jersey waters.

Will learn my way around the forum and look forward to posting some more shortly. Once again congratulations on a wonderful site and a fantastic trip down memory lane.

1st March 2009, 22:22
hi to you nostalgic,i'm jon and like you i was a fisherman years ago and have recently decided to return to the fishing since an accident has put paid to my previous ca reer.I am sure i speak for all on the site when i say welcome and hope you remain with us and enjoy the banter and humour as well as the serious side of fishermans tales on the site.we look forward to your input.

2nd March 2009, 08:30
Jon, Thanks for the welcome I am sure I will enjoy the site.

andy sutherland
22nd September 2009, 20:49
Jon, Thanks for the welcome I am sure I will enjoy the site.if your new and trying to find your way around that makes two of us regards andy

martin johns
22nd September 2009, 22:20
Welcome Andy,
The site is fairly easy to navigate & most of it is self-explanatory. Hope you enjoy it. It's a bit addictive :D