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Davie Tait
21st February 2009, 20:48

Davie Tait
25th December 2010, 20:20

Davie Tait
25th December 2010, 20:25

1st January 2011, 23:43
hi davie, not sure if you remember a one off programme on tv about 20 yrs ago called the last of the hunters. it had the launching of boy andrew on it. do you know of anyone who has a copy of it?

Davie Tait
1st January 2011, 23:59
You can't but it as far as I know , its listed in the Scottish Archive site but someone's blocking it going on sale as far as I know. I got a copy a few years ago but its not that clear as the VHS tape must have been played a lot of times before it was transferred to DVD so I'm still looking for a copy myself