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10th July 2007, 13:17
I am helping to do up the 1954 'Ros Donn'. As a result of trying to trace her history I started to gather lots of information about the 50 footers. I have put together some pages about 'Ros Donn' at www.sol.co.uk/i/iangwhittaker/rosdonn/gallery1.htm
If you did around in there you'll find a page with the 50 footers www.sol.co.uk/i/iangwhittaker/rosdonn/asaid16.htm
, a page for the 56 to 60 footers www.sol.co.uk/i/iangwhittaker/rosdonn/asiad17.htm
and a page for miscellany and query photos at www.sol.co.uk/i/iangwhittaker/rosdonn/asiad18.htm
Additional information and/or photos welcomed.
P.S. Most photos are not mine so I don't have permission to add them on trawlerphotos, sorry...

22nd August 2008, 21:52
Was she PD 125?
If so I took a good shot of her arriving at Peterhead, could send.

cailín dána
7th February 2009, 21:38
Have you seen the series that the Irish Marine Times newspaper ran on the fifty footers also a book was published last year

9th February 2009, 22:40
I ordered up a copy of 'Sea Change - the rise of the BIM 50-footer and its impact on coastal Ireland' by Pat Nolan but it hasn't arrived yet. Ordered direct from Nonsuch Publishing on 28th Jan so it should be here any day... I hope..