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14th February 2009, 20:12
I thought I should post this up, just to make everyone aware of this *seller*and my experience of dealing with him :mad:

I purchased a *freezer room* 11 foot x 7 foot x 7 foot , after seeing it advertised on a well know site.
The seller a Mr Jim Moody of Whitby, a self employed refrigeration engineer, brought it up on a trailer and installed it in my store on 10/12/08.
Wasn’t 100% happy with the installation at the time, pipes installed above door and above electrics... but assumed he knew what he was doing. I gave him 2000 for it and was told I had a 6 month parts and labour guarentee, the distance away was a concern, but he assured me he was often up in Fraserburgh/Peterhead area doing work, so it wouldn't be a problem.
The next day an alarm was going off , so I switched it off and on again, it seemed to stop the alarm, this continued for a week ,I telephoned Mr Moody right away and he said 'he couldn't understand what that was' and said he would get back to me...
The following monday,I put 3 tons of bait in it worth 1500 . A freezer room should get down to -18/-20 no problem, this would go no lower than -14.
Gradually I noticed the temperature was rising and the compressor was running continuously and becoming red hot to the touch and it wasn’t going on a defrost cycle atall, again I telephoned Mr Moody and he said he couldn't come up right away, but would get back to me:rolleyes:
Over the next week the temperature gradually rose and rose and the freezer contents started to go soft. I could wait no longer so I contacted a local company to come and have a look at it to see what could be done.
The engineer told me straight away it was not a proper freezer room, but a chiller room, did not have a door heater or a pressure release valve fitted. The freezer equipment itself was described as 'junk' that had been ’thrown in’ it was infact an air-con unit crudely modified and I was told it was totally unfit for purpose and would never work as a freezer. :mad: If it was working correctly the door would have frozen shut, and without a pressure release valve may burst open. The engineer tried his best to adjust it but there was really nothing he could do to make it work. I was advised to turn it off asap. He couldn’t believe anyone would sell it as a freezer room and expect it to work properly.
I left it running over Christmas and new year,going in every day to turn it off to cool the compressor and using a hair dryer to melt the ice on the fins.
Eventually forced to turn it off on the 3rd January when the temp was 0!
Telephoned Mr Moody same day and told him, said he would come up the next week and he had another unit that 'should work'. Waited a week, then phoned again, told it would be the next week, waited another week, phoned again, no reply. Since then I have telephoned him almost on a daily basis he keeps turning his mobile off, I have tried texting him and have sent numerous emails in reply to his other ads on the same site .He keeps totally ignoring me, I have tried withholding my number , phoning his house,his mobile, gave him numerous deadlines to get in touch.
Gave him several choices to come and fix, refund or pay for repairs, his only response was to turn his phone off, very big of him:mad:
Last week I threatened him with legal action, still no response, even got a friend in Whitby to go and talk to him, he promised him he would phone me, never has. Finally lost patinence this week and I have reported him to trading standards, I am awaiting a reply from them, but I expect to have to take him to the small claims court soon.
He currently still has an ad on that site, I have contacted the site owners to make them aware what sort of equipment he is selling through their site, his current ad has not been removed yet ( for fish hold cooling equipment )He has sold several *freezer rooms* last year through that site and another since I bought mine.
Just to make everyone aware what sort of person he is and how he treats people , if he thinks I will just get fed up and drop it, he is very mistaken :mad:

15th February 2009, 09:59
Thats disgraceful. Just goes to show that there's still gangsters out there. Money is hard enough to make without someone stealing it which is exactly what he's done!!!! You know what they say fastcat, "Hit him where it hurts, in the pocket"!!!!!

15th February 2009, 18:45
Yeah, nail him, Kevin! Gourdon was gey quiet when I called in last Wed, but did see your Dad for a bit chat.

15th February 2009, 20:06
Ill keep an eye out for him kevin and ask him AGAIN why he not been in touch if i see him around hopefully this thread will get back to him and maybe get him thinking the fishing comminuty is a small one around the coast :)

15th February 2009, 21:40
Thanks guys, yes hopefully he will think again, but wouldn't hold my breath :(

Really can't understand why he is acting like this, not even as if we had an argument or fallen out at all ! He just seems to like turning his phone off , the longer he ignores me the worse it gets :mad:
I will keep on his case for as long as it takes anyway, so in the meantime stuck with a *freezer* I can't use .Can't go and spend money on it in the meantime incase I do get him to take it back and refund .

Davie Tait
15th February 2009, 21:53
If he's advertising himself as a qualified refrigeration engineer and selling soddy work then Trading Standards will take him to the cleaners. If he doesn't replace the freezing gear with properly sourced and properly set up equipment then he shouldn't be trading at all. The least he should do is repay you ALL your money and remove the cabinet at his own expense. Small claims court has a limit in Scotland of 3000 ( http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/scotland/your_rights/legal_system_scotland/small_claims_in_the_sheriff_court_scotland.htm ).

Davie Tait
15th February 2009, 22:14

Thats what he HAS to have at minimum Kevin so if he hasn't he's trading illegally

just found this as the above is for maintenance only


15th February 2009, 22:25
Thanks for that Davie :)
I think he would be qualified, his van was well sign written anyway, but there again that doesn't mean anything!
The guy I got to inspect it has been in the trade over 40 years, and he was pretty shocked at the standard of work , he said it was a open and shut case, not fit for puropse, so plenty evidence for a strong case against him.
I think it end up in the small claims, not heard anything back from trading standards yet, but don't expect it to be a very speed process unfortunately :(

Wonder if anyone else has had any dealings with him uo here? said he had done jobs on boats in Peterhead,Fraserburgh and Macduff before .

fishy balls
21st February 2009, 19:32
we had dealings with mr moody here on tiree. he sold us a 20 by 7 by 7 freezer. he didnt even finish the job before he left. never fitted the lights and didnt have proper hinges with him . that was the least of our worries. it wasnt even a proper box,but slot together panels. (it was an outdoor type we ordered). same problem as your unit,overheating not keeping a good temperature and after 2 weeks it was kaput. mr moody was phoned and said he would come and fix it next week, of course he never appeared and that was the last we heard of him. he would never answer his phone after that. a month or two later and it blew into pieces during a january gale. the end!! if you catch up with this waster please kick him in the nuts from tiree

21st February 2009, 22:15
Geez! :mad: Sorry to here this, looks like I am not the only one then :(
B****** he is!!
Don't know how he can sleep at night .

I spoke to trading standards yesterday, they said I have a very good case if it goes to the small claims court. They advised I write to him and send it recorded deliverly, I suspect it will be a total waste of time, but they said it would show I had done everything to contact him and give me an even stronger case .
I have given him several options and two weeks to reply, if I hear nothing, it will go straight to court then.
Still keep ringing him everyday, still very good at turning his phone off :mad:

Thanks for posting Fishy balls, if you want his address, pm me :)

Davie Tait
27th February 2009, 20:37
Any response from this guy Kevin ??

Keep us informed as to whats happening with this guy , think the more that know about this the better

27th February 2009, 21:12
I spoke to on the fish quay at whitby and told him he not been in touch with kevin ( kevin asked me about him last year and i had not heard anything bad about him so said he was ok ) all he said was im fxxxxx sick of him ringing me up all the time and if im ever up his way he was going call in and smack him showed no sign of sorting kevins problem out
Told him about this forum and this thread said u need to get on it and give people answers looks like he hasnt and wont .:mad: :mad:

Davie Tait
27th February 2009, 21:24
OK Paul in that case we will list him as an unsuitable seller and will leave this permanently up in this forum so people will know not to trade with him. I will only remove this if he fixes all the problems our 2 members have had and does so promptly.

27th February 2009, 22:11
No more news so far Davie . I posted him a letter recorded delivery on Saturday, he should have got it on Monday, given him several options to settle things quickly ,I told him I would give him 2 weeks from receipt of the letter to get back to me, I will be amazed if he does...going by his attitude :mad: I also told him I would not phone him in the meantime :rolleyes:
I will get everything in place next week for the small claims as I'm sure that is the only it will go now, don't think it will be a quick process either unfortunately, so in the meantime still stuck with a useless box! :mad:
It will be 2 months on Tuesday since he knew it was turned off completely ...

27th February 2009, 23:14
Sounds like a right robber. Seen his ad, why don't we all phone him at least once a day and tell him what a robbing b-----d he is. That should p him off! I'll start tomorrow.

28th February 2009, 08:10
This man is disgraceful. Where is it that he advertises?

28th February 2009, 09:36
He has things for sale on **** most of the time chillers / frezzers he based in whitby graham dies a lot of work for local boats cheeers paul

4th March 2009, 23:19
Surely you can all have a whipround....... enough to cover diesel to Whitby pay him a visit.... save this guy anymore grief he already has a freezer that is no use. March him to the bank and get him to withdraw the funds that legally are not his. They were gained through deceipt and lies and he should be made to pay for it. I am not the type to usually go down this road but this type of person really grips it for me. I am sure if you looked hard enough there would be someone in whitby that would do it for you. Good luck in your persuit of a refund

5th March 2009, 20:37
Thanks for the support , hopefully won't come to that , but feel free to give him a ring and ask what he is playing at ...

Well still not heard a thing from him, I will give it till Monday , that will be over 2 weeks since he recieved my recorded letter ,then I will have to start the small claims proceedings, wasting even more time on this crook :mad:

Got a reply back from the site he advertises on this week, they were glad to be made aware of him, although his current advert is still on, they will not be accepting anymore adverts from him in the future.
So at least he might find it a bit harder to sell his junk from now on .

Davie Tait
5th March 2009, 20:39
Kevin it might be a good idea to Email David Linkie and point him to this thread , a bit in the Fishing News would give the guy a good deal of "encouragement" to sort this out.

5th March 2009, 20:48
Funny you should mention that Davie, a member from here was speaking to him about it a couple of weeks ago, and David suggested I write a letter to FN. Think it would just be water off a ducks back to Mr Moody to be honest, doesn't seem to care less unfortunately.

I'll see how this small claims court goes first :)

fishy balls
7th March 2009, 23:31
After making my first reply on this forum i decided to contact a couple of friends here on the west coast who had also had work done by mr moody. and suprise suprise it isnt good. My friend in mallaig told me of his troubles, wasnt too happy with his finished job and true to course after a couple of weeks it wasnt keeping temperature then the compressor melted due to overheating. mr moody was contacted and said he would send up a new one. of course it never arrived and after the initial response he never answered his phone again. ? mallaig man had to replace all the faulty parts himself. We were intrigued to here mr moody is keen to dish out some physical violence to his disgruntled customers and would like to sincerely offer him a trip to tiree,(we will even pay his ferry fare if he is struggling?) and upon his arrival we (4 of us had a share in the freezer) shall form an orderly que for him to try his luck !! As for the idea of chipping in for a car and petrol to go and see him face to face, i am now pondering the idea of a coach ?? Now to all the people out there reading this, is there anyone out there who has a complimentary word to say about mr moody ?? im still waiting to here from another customer of mr moodys. shall keep you all informed

8th March 2009, 21:30
Thanks for posting this, more happy customers :mad:
The guy that I got to look at mine said it was a well know trick if the compressor wasn't up to the job/broken, overfill it with gas (mine even had the wrong type of gas in it aswell) and it would work for a couple of weeks at most , seems to be Mr Moodys speciality .

Well have phoned him a *few* times this week.....got him to pick up yesterday when I withheld my number ! as soon as I spoke and he heard it was me he put the phone down :rolleyes: first time he has actually picked it up since january! phone him straight back and surprise, surprise no answer and phone was turned off ! Then sent him a text telling him the court papers be posted on Tuesday, and it was not a threat but a promise !

Never deal with an idiot like this in my life, couldn't make it up!

Expect the court action will take a bit of time, but I will keep you all updated how it is going .

Davie Tait
8th March 2009, 21:38
Well this will stay on the site until he repays you for the shoddy work he's done , if he doesn't and it has to go to court then we keep this on the site permanently. He cannot complain about this thread , if he did his work properly then we wouldn't be complaining would we.

Can I also remind everyone that NO threats of physical violence will be allowed. Lets keep this strictly to the facts in hand and if he wants to threaten people that is his problem not ours. I would strongly advise anyone who has anything of his installed either on a boat or ashore to get it independently checked by a qualified refrigeration engineer and if you find the installation is wrong in anyway ( wrong gas , wrong type of compressor , etc ) please post it here so we can make sure that this guy has to repair/replace the effected equipment.


Peter Sinclair
9th March 2009, 05:28
Is there any room on the bus with you lads.

Same problems I had with a freezer bought from Jim Moodie 3-4 year ago, it is used as a store now only, it only ran properly for a month, still does not work...it was a piece of s**t, he won't answer his phone or emails, I thought it was just us that got unlucky but there you go, being a reasonable guy I even offered him the chance to to part exchange it for us just to get us up and running but no luck...distance was always the excuse....we are in Caithness in the very North of Scotland.

Then on top of that he introduced us to John Thomson of Amble Kippers who we shipped, lobster, crab and winkles to and he bounced a cheque on us then a few weeks later, so all in all Jim Moddie has cost us nearly 5k (3k Moodie and 2k Thomson) since I first spoke to him on the phone, gave up on Moodie and Thomson is as slippery as an eel so watch him too but still persuing that one.

Good luck with your claim and let us know how it goes, we could all follow suit if your successful and any info on Thomson greatly recieved.

Peter Sinclair

Sinclair Bay Lobsters

9th March 2009, 21:34
Sorry to hear this, yet another happy customer :mad:

What a con man he is :mad: seems to be a common theme, we are all quite far away from him, and have been sold useless compressors.
When I first phoned him that was the first thing I ask if the distance was a problem, he said no, not at all, now we know why...

I've given him more than enough chances to compromise and settle things, all I have had is a deafening silence.

Got the small claims court forms now, will post them as soon as I can.

Sorry Peter haven't heard of the guy from Amble, but I know the feeling.......( another story :( ) good luck with him.

23rd March 2009, 14:10
got a advert in this weeks fishing news selling fish room cooling plants

Davie Tait
23rd March 2009, 15:23
I'll send a link to this thread to Tim Oliver when I get a minute guys

Davie Tait
23rd March 2009, 15:50
Email to Tim Oliver with a link to this thread sent just now guys

23rd March 2009, 23:05
Thanks Davie, never noticed that ad!
Nothing new to report yet,bit of a slow process :(

Davie Tait
1st April 2009, 21:25
He has had his adverts in the Fishing News ( and on the website ) withdrawn.

I've been sent a couple of photos of his van ( no names no pack drill all I can say is that the source is a local one to him ) .... on an 08 plate so brand spanking new , see below so watch out for him guys do not trade with him until the problems our members have had are resolved.

1st April 2009, 21:53
he has had this van over a year we are on 09 plates now davie

Davie Tait
1st April 2009, 21:58
Still not a cheap van last year Paul and still probably less than a year old so he's still taking enough money to have a new van and all the sign-writing costs. I just couldn't trust his work after reading all of the problems our members have had.

1st April 2009, 22:10
i fully agree with you davie i told fastcat last year he was ok hadnt heard any bad reports on him them then he did this made me look bad !! when i asked mr moody about it he said he wouid get in touch never did next time i asked him i got no where at all just abuse

1st April 2009, 23:01
Don't worry Paul, not your fault at all ! :)

Yes that's the van he had up here Davie with a big trailer, thanks for posting and to the photographer for sending :)

Things are still very much on going albiet very slowly, should hopefully have some news in a few weeks.

25th April 2009, 11:02
at work yesterday back from days off this man had been working on success 3 left some job cards in our watchut for lads having problems with chillers......ripped them up

28th April 2009, 20:07
Best thing you could do with them Watchman, save anyone else any grief !:)

The distance he was away was a concern to me before I purchased GDE, but he assured me he did 'a lot of work up north' and was often up this way, so if I ever had any probs it wouldn't be a problem.....now know why he likes to sell his stuff so far away from his own doorstep :mad:

An independant report on the *chiller* room and his installation is now in the hands of trading standards, shouldn't be long now before he is due in court. Hopefully put an end to his shoddy work once and for all .

19th June 2009, 20:19
Well, was going to post a update today anyway and just been told Mr Moody has another ad in Fishing news this week! :mad: Just seen his ad, even offering finance aswell , he had that in his previous ad in FN and trading standards were very interested in that ....apparently you have to have a licence of some sort to offer finance , surprise, surprise he does not ...:rolleyes:

Trading standards are still on his case but unfortunately Mr Moody is proving rather elusive to track down....seems to think by ignoring registered letters and cards through his door people will simply give up and go away....only has the opposite effect ;)

The *freezer* should finally be up and running next week ( only 6 months now..) ... been one disaster after another, the guy that was suppose to be fixing it ended up going bust before he had done the job ! so had to find another company to look at it.Guy came down on tuesday, said in 45 years in the trade it was the worst *instalation* he had ever seen, said it was laughable , total junk that would never work. The air con unit that Moody had bodged wasn't even suitable as a chiller let alone a freezer , the expansion tank that he screwed on to the compressor unit when he was here was even on the wrong way to work ! was suppose to be vertical, he had it horizontal ! Guy couldn't believe a qualified engineer could have done such a job ,I seriously doubt he has any qualifications !

The repairs are going to cost me one and a half times what I paid for it ! :mad:

Anyone thinking of replying to his ad in FN , stay well clear ! :mad:

Davie Tait
19th June 2009, 21:03
I've alerted Tim Oliver , editor of the Fishing News , so hopefully his add will be pulled again.


19th June 2009, 21:10
Thanks Davie :) , surprised to see his ad again actually, must have been a different person that took his call this time !

He certainly has no shame :mad: , funnily enough his phone still gets turned off when I call :rolleyes:

Davie Tait
19th June 2009, 21:12
He's changed the advert and removed his last name and its been a few months so might be someone new in the sales department or they just forgot about it. Tim will hopefully sort it out when he gets in on Monday.


22nd June 2009, 21:41
I emailed a letter to FN's letter page last night , wasn't going to bother, but so peed off at what it is going to cost to fix now :mad:

22nd June 2009, 21:42
Kevin, did u sent the letter off to Court about him yet?

22nd June 2009, 21:45
Trading standards are still dealing with him yet Jordan .

22nd June 2009, 21:46
Kevin do u fancy a new gf ? have a look in brixham trawler Race Gallery and find, danceing girls on Lady Lou

Davie Tait
26th June 2009, 19:43
Just heard this chancers been up in MacDuff yesterday and today..... hope he's not going to leave another customer well out of pocket !!!

28th June 2009, 22:45
Pity help anyone else who has had work done by this waster :mad:
You would think he would have called in to see me on his way past ...could have taken away his junk ,save me the bother of finding a skip! :mad:

12th July 2009, 21:39
Well the freezer is finally up and running,but it has cost me over 3500 to put it right .Replaced all the junk I was sold with brand new equipment .
Taken a few before and after pics......so you can see the standard of Moody's work.....and his quality *freezer equipment*.....

Nice installation of pipework....dripping water all over door frame so it froze and down into the electics ...


Quality cooler......nice bent fan with no guard, which even hit the side of unit ,notice lack of heated drain pipe, he said 'a bucket under is just as good'


Nice panel gap.....no plugs in allen key holes and no silicone in joins......I have now used 7 tubes of silicone inside and out to seal it !

Quality cooler close up.....nice buckled fins...

Inside *compressor* actually an air con unit crudely bodged.. he fitted this black tank while he was here.......one of the most laughable mistakes! It has to be vertical to even work ! he fixed it horizontal !!

New instalation ....100% safe .

New cooler , twin fans, with guards... and heater drain and insulated pipework as it should be .

New compressor...with vertical tank...http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m11/Kevinbirse/freezer/houseboatfreezer032.jpg

Safe wiring and insulated pipework...

Interior now sealed and allen key holes plugged

fish out of water
23rd July 2009, 13:38
Jim is working in Ireland now,has put a few systems in since x mas,''''''''was hear this weekend in castletownbere in west cork;;

23rd July 2009, 23:05
Unlucky .............ask anyone who's had work done if they got a receipt and a guarantee from the conman .....:mad:

24th July 2009, 10:32
saw him in his van in wy yesterday

alan jnr
21st August 2009, 12:30
his van has been seen at macduff harbour today and yesterday

21st August 2009, 17:30
IN the harbour I hope ...

23rd August 2009, 19:05
I'm in Edinburgh but use a firm from Peterhead for my refrigeration needs, I've never had complaints about them and both our freezer and fridge units have been running for near enough 20 years, only problems we've had have been minor and fixed quickly.

2nd September 2009, 20:40
Thanks very much Gavin :)

Yes, I 'm very pleased with the new work and instalation, the engineer was a perfectionist , it runs pefect and holds -20 no problem.
He has worked his entire life in the trade and had never seen an instalation like Mr Moody's before , he was pretty speachless .....

I post back up how the court action goes, been a bit too busy to pursue it lately, but hopefull get more time in the coming months .

27th October 2009, 20:54
Well...I received a very interesting phone message from Mr Moody last night ......
First time he has been in touch in over 10 months!!

A message was left on my answer phone from him.....apparently he is ''going to be catching up me soon'' :rolleyes:
I can only assume he has received the court papers and thought a threatening phone call would put me off ...tried phoning him back several times again, and surprisingly no reply.
I have made a copy of the call and will keep it as evidence ....:rolleyes:

Davie Tait
27th October 2009, 21:01
Make sure you take it with you to court that will count against him

28th October 2009, 00:05
Theres a "JIM" adverstising fishroom refrigeration in FN this week. Dont know if theyre one and the same but maybe someone could check the number.

24th May 2010, 21:38
Well it's been quite a while since I posted up on this... for obvious reasons I couldn't say too much when things were still ongoing .

It has taken a lot longer than expected, entirely due to Mr Moody's tatics of ignoring everything that was sent to him and everyone that went to him :mad: He only has one response - ignore it :mad:

Well I eventually took him to the small claims court and won my case in February :)
He was given a CCJ and ordered to pay me the full amount of my claim and all cost ( which have taken the claim up considerably)
The next step was to get a warrant of execution to get baliffs to visit him and recover the debt .
It has now become apparent Mr Moody is well used to this and seems to think he knows how to work the system.....
The baliffs informed me they had been chasing him all over Whitby and beyond for the last 5 years!! :mad: It seems he has quite a track record and is very well known to them (does not surprise me at all now )
The baliffs said he was the most obnoxious and slipperly customer you could ever meet......
He is currently still trying to pretend he doesn't live at his current address , but the baliffs won't give up that easy , nor will I .

Keep running Mr Moody.....soon you will fall flat on your face .

Davie Tait
24th May 2010, 21:44
Good news on getting the court order and CCJ , lets hope the baliffs get the money you're owed sooner rather than later.

This thread now becomes permanent so anyone even thinking of using him please think more than twice !!!!

25th May 2010, 17:41
Email your copy of the judgement and court papers etc(inc photo) to the Fishing News and catering journals(anyone who uses refrigeration). Let everyone what kind of chancer he is.

26th September 2010, 19:30

Davie Tait
26th September 2010, 20:23
Tony you should get in touch with Kevin ( Fastcat ) , maybe the 2 of you together can help bring this guy to book , share info if you like

27th September 2010, 21:53
Sorry to hear of yet someone else owed money by this waster :mad:

Having no luck myself with the court baliffs, I have now payed to re issue the warrant twice and got the same result, ''no longer at this address'' , it seems the baliffs only visit a couple of times and if they can't make contact, they issue a final return, if I want them to try again I have to pay another fee!

Currently looking into private debt collectors, they will not give up so easy...nearly 2 years of hassle with this robber now , still determined to get my money out of him!

Tony, I got your email and will reply with all the current info I have for him .

13th February 2011, 07:56
I had a dispute with a trader in england and took him to the small claims court,its harder to do it across border but i eventualy got him to court.The judge found in my favour but i was told that no expenses would be awarded(this is quite normal for small claims)but i would get my money back. The guy simply would not pay and in the end British justice as is often the case favoured the crook.
The court advised me to start proceedings again but it was getting to expensive to make it worth doing.
Ihope you have better luck but small claims courts dont seem to have much power and i certainly feel let down.

11th March 2011, 17:44
I would say its about time someone hired a private "debt collector" to deal with this character, seems the legal system is a joke!
Hope you fellas get some joy in the end, my blood was boiling just reading about him.

9th May 2011, 12:00
Anyone who wants Jim Moody's current address please PM me.

11th December 2012, 21:35
Unfortunately it seems this waster is still at it :mad: It seems he has been ripping people off on ebay now! I was recently contacted by someone who had purchased a cold room off him and received his usual treatment..ended up also having to take him to the small claims court and winning the case as I did, but was also unable to issue the warrant due to Moody doing his usual disappearing act! How many people has he ripped off now! :mad:

Anyone looking for a freezer/cold room via ebay beware of the user ''ChillerJim'' and stay well clear!!

He currently has 2 cold rooms advertised- www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COLDROOM-2-2M-X-2-2M-2-1M-HIGH-FULLY-INSTALLED-/251196041984?pt=UK_BOI_Restaurant_RL&hash=item3a7c736b00 (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COLDROOM-2-2M-X-2-2M-2-1M-HIGH-FULLY-INSTALLED-/251196041984?pt=UK_BOI_Restaurant_RL&hash=item3a7c736b00)