View Full Version : Alice Dodds Aberdeen built, 1910

8th February 2009, 21:19
Does anyone have a registration number for the above trawler? Wasn't around long, sunk Feb 1911. Was owned by the Dodds family, so would likely have an A reg, just a possibility of it being SN, as beleive that the Dodds' also had trawlers at Shields. Thanks, Graham

8th February 2009, 21:30
Hunt over! found it in a book Beyond the piers, which lists SN registrations. Was SN136, for the four months that the boat was afloat.

9th February 2009, 09:04
Another snippet for me to add to 'Off Scotland'. Didn't have the registration. Do you have dimensions? I only record she was 197G tons and was stranded at Seal Skerry, North Ronaldsay on 27 Feb 1911. Ian

9th February 2009, 12:20
117'x22x12'10", Ian.

10th February 2009, 20:59
Graham, Ian here is a bit more info

Alice Dodds: (SN 136) (1910 – 1911)
O.N. 127111: 197g, 1.0n 117.2 x 22.0 x 12.8 feet
66 hp T.3-cyl by Alexander Hall & Sons Ltd Aberdeen

09.07.1910: Launched by Alexander Hall & Sons Ltd Aberdeen (Yd. No 460) for W H and James Dodds, Aberdeen as “Alice Dodds” SN 136. 08.1910: Completed. 08.08.1910: Registered at North Shields SN 136. 27.02.1911: Wrecked Seal Skerry Rocks North Ronaldsay Orkney. Skipper J Brown and 8 crewmen rescued. 12.04.1911: North Shields registry closed.