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24th June 2007, 22:57
Hi everyone
I'm looking any photos of my fathers boat, she was built in Forbes boatbuilders in Sandhaven in the early 60's, she was renamed the "Endeavor" and then sold to the shetlands I think
is there is anyone from Buckie reading this, there is another photo I'm after "AVALON" was another boats photo I'm after and I heard its in Buckie museum
any help would be grateful
have a nice day

alan jnr
26th June 2007, 16:41
Hi navorals,the olivian was built in 1966,reason im so sure,she was being built in one of forbes shed whilst my granda/fathers boat was being built in the other one WESTELLA BF410.I dont have any photos of her but ill check with the old man,he might heve one alan jnr

Kev Munro
26th June 2007, 21:44
hello navorals, she was sold to stornoway in the western isles,theres a photo on this site somewhere when she was called endevour and theres a photo on the mcaorals website when she was olivian, (www.mcaorals.co.uk)
i would have searched more to find the photos and put up links for you but im at sea at the moment, if you have any problems finding them ill be home at the end of the week and ill be able to help you then,