View Full Version : Are you from Gardenstown or Banff ?

3rd February 2009, 13:43
We owned the trawler Royela BF162 from 1976 until decommissioning in 2001.
She was built in Whitby in 1961 for Newhaven (Sussex) and sold to Scottish owners James Watt West and Andrew Ritchie (i think) from Gardenstown in the late 1960's.
From this site i have since found out that she paired for Sprats with the Buckie registered Penorva with photos kindly posted by Dowler :)

Does anyone have anymore photos of her or do you know someone that might ??
We know hardly anything of her Scottish history :(

Thanks for reading this :)


3rd July 2009, 18:57
I guess Gardenstown and Banff are deserted ghost towns then :(