View Full Version : maggie m trawler

1st February 2009, 15:04
hi i'm building modelslipways maggie m and i'm trying to find some photo's of the stern area of the boat i.e the rear crane gantry and deck area any help will be most greatfull, artic-ranger.

2nd February 2009, 21:29
There is a few pics of an excellent model of her on here :)


3rd February 2009, 16:01
thanks, i did see them, i'm looking for some pics of the real one as i'm trying to build a scale replica, i have just fitted a bow thruster and now starting on the rear deck section and really need some pics of that area asap so that i can carry on with the rest of the boat, cheers paul (artic-ranger).

Davie Tait
3rd February 2009, 16:27
I should have a few from her refit at Peterhead 2 years ago , i'll put them up when I get a chance

4th February 2009, 10:48
that would be really apprieciated many thanks,if it helps you can send them to my email paulrkeen@googlemail.com, rgds paul.

Davie Tait
5th February 2009, 00:01

There you go that was her after her refit to go twin rigging in April 2007 at Peterhead