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29th January 2009, 13:33
Hi guys,
I have a few questions,
Firstly, Would a dual purpose boats wheelhouse have been painted woodgrain effect from new, or would the wheelhouse have been varnished when new? Boat was built in 1932.

Secondly, How do you paint the woodgrain effect. Ive always wanted to know/learn, for model making purposes.

Hope someone out there can help.



john webster
31st January 2009, 11:06
spoke to you the other night about that subject, perhaps you could get in touch with Will Taylor on here, hedoes woodgraining better than the real thing.

3rd February 2009, 16:41
Hi JW,
Ive been in contact with some older family members, and they tell me the wheelhouse was varnished boards from new, possibly mahogany!!

There is a picture of the "Fisher Boy" on here or SN that backs this statement up. I showed the pic to Billy Maca on Sunday, and he says that it would be right enough.
The boards were only grained after they were showing signs of wear and tear.

Ive seen pics of Will Taylors work. VERY nice. Looking forward to meeting the man and seeing his boats for real some time.


bill wood
3rd February 2009, 17:37
Have a look at Alis Wood build
Bill W

4th February 2009, 10:41
Hi Bill,
Ive just been looking at the photos. She looks great.
Im going to have a wee play with some scrap I reckon, and see how it goes.


6th April 2009, 05:27
Ah the old Scumble, my old man (now passed on ) was a dab hand at this, he used some stuff called "scumble " and a piece of rag, to form the woodgrain markings never ever saw him use a brush. He once tried some new fangled rubber squeegee type thing , but it was nowhere as good, as the hand method.
We were the only family that had the garden shed door and the bottom of the greenhouse door wood grained. He would have done all the doors in the house, if my mother hadn't stopped him. :D :eek: