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28th January 2009, 21:40
Can anybody identify these two boats for me Danish built sailed out of Fleetwood in the 1950's/60's

FD.232 about 40ft long
FD.85 about 60ft long.


Mike Craine
29th January 2009, 08:31
FD232 was M A Kirk, don't have any info on the other one

29th January 2009, 23:04
Thanks Mike.

Alan Duggan
30th January 2009, 13:17
VENUS FD85 possibly this vessel. We have no information on her im afraid.

30th January 2009, 19:50
According to 1970 Olsens M.A. Kirk FD 232 O.N. 187967 21g 12n 88hp 1940built at Thyboron Denmark, owned by Thomas Kirk Fleetwood & Hans N. K. Anderson Whitehaven. First registered at Whitehaven in 1958. 1965 Olsens has Thomas Kirk Whitehaven and Robert S. Carlsonn Fleetwood.

Nothing as yet on the other.

31st January 2009, 11:00
not seeing a lot of the inside boat , i might be wrong but she looks more like a scottish build ,rather than danish?????

3rd February 2009, 22:27
Thanks guy's the FD.80 was the VENUS.

Thanks again.

17th February 2009, 13:52
This was my grandfathers boat that was sold to and scrapped in maryport in the first decommissioning round. The picture in the link are in her last couple of years with her daft wheelhouse on that we hated. I have a few original photos(in poor shape) and a decent painting of her, ill upload them so you can get a look. Grandfather changed from trawling to anchor bashing and back a few times and put a telegraph post in as forrad mast when they pulled the original down ohh theres plenty of stories!! Karl

17th February 2009, 13:54
M A Kirk was Marie Anne----Thomas Kirks daughter..

Alan Duggan
21st February 2009, 22:15
Hello Andy, have you managed to upload the images of this vessel ?