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19th June 2007, 15:29
I have just tried to upload 2 photos of this vessel but when it came to the end of the process it said "error 1". Searching the photos I cannot find them or the text that accompanied them. Any one able to help me?
Keep the site going by any means! As someone said it could save a life (and it could be "yours")

Dave Leishman
19th June 2007, 15:45

I haven't personally seen this error - maybe someone else has?

Have you tried uploading again?

4th July 2007, 18:23
I've never came across this problem either Dave, maybe the photos he is trying to upload are too big so if he tried downsizing them a bit that might help !!

20th September 2007, 07:59
Thanks for the suggestions, Gentlemen. I have just come back and started accessing site again. I was trying to upload Bitmaps( lots of bandwidth required) but tried yesterday to do JPEGs and it said uploaded. Is there an easy way of confirming that the do get uploaded. I tried yesterday evening but could not find them (2 photos) Am I a little slow or some thing?

Davie Tait
20th September 2007, 10:30
Hi Neil,
The biggest problem with the software on the site is that if you try to upload a photo that is bigger than 1024x768 in size the site has to resize it. If the file is very large ( over 200k in size ) the server times out saying you have uploaded your photo but in reality it hasn't.

If you have access to a photo editing software ( Photoshop or similar , there are free ones available online ) then edit the image properties so it is no bigger than 1024x768 then the photo will upload ok.


29th January 2008, 22:32
mihov is a good programme for resizing pics and is free click on the link and then just go down to ir exe to download it.
if posting of links is not allowed please admin please feel free to delete this