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27th January 2009, 21:47
Hi all

Dads got a model of our old boat 'Royela' http://www.trawlerphotos.co.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=61256&ppuser=10835 and i was wondering if anyone had made scallop dredges for their models ?
I'm unsure of the scale but i'm guessing 1/15th (The boat was almost 15m and the model is about 1m)
I did think about having a go making them but I'd thought I'd start by asking if anyone has had a go or knows if they are available in model shops etc ??


Davie Tait
27th January 2009, 21:58
You will probably have to make them Dave about the only hobby shop that I know of that may have is Scoonie Hobbies


bill wood
27th January 2009, 23:11
You will have to make them.
have a look at my model of Golden Promise.

Frames wer made from square brass section and soldered to suit

teeth were wire glued on to more brass square

Springs were scored plastic tube

Bellies and bags were mesh curtains.

Ithink I have a spare frame and will photograph it tomorrow

28th January 2009, 15:45
Thankyou Davie & Bill, I thought it was a long shot expecting them to be available in model shops.

When Geoff Barker asked specifically about the gear we were using (Dunbar v-doors and 10ftm Strachan) i did say 2 sets of 5 dredges hanging up either side would look cool, but he said the trawl/boards were far easier :)
I think he said he'd done a set before for someone but they were very time consuming and batted it back to me to take the initative !!

Some close-up photos would be great Bill, although I've never done any modelling up to now, and obviously dont have the equipment.
If on close inspection they are not beyond my ability I'll give it a go and even if i make a complete balls up i'll still post the photos before i throw a fit and bin the lot :):)

Thx guys

Davie Tait
28th January 2009, 16:04
I should have some close up photos of dredges Dave I'll see if I can find the disk they're on and put them in the gear section gallery

28th January 2009, 16:33
Thx Davie :)

Cam Watterson
28th January 2009, 16:52
these are some dredgers my grandad made. and we filled them with crushed queenie shells. we also crushed more shells and put the on the deck. and we made a queenie machine. i'll post some more photos in a bit

Cam Watterson
28th January 2009, 16:59
queenie machine and dredge pipe also we bought coal sacks from George Turner Models and painted them to look like escallop bags and sprinkled crushed queenie shell on them.

28th January 2009, 19:40
Excellent modelling skills Manx :)
The pic with the dredges coming across the top rail - 10/10
What has he used to make the dredges - has he used brass like Bill ??

Manx Venture
28th January 2009, 20:29
ive made many dredges for my models, i have 3 with scallop gear on, the bellies i made the same way as they really are, made aload of small rings out of copper wire and liked them together with more wire, takes a wile but realistic, if i get chance i will take some photos of them, the frames were just thicker copper wire bent into the shape with the usaual green netting from the fish pond nets, the tow bars are just dowel rod with chain and lego wheels on

Cam Watterson
29th January 2009, 21:26
the pipe was made from plastic dowl. the bellies are just like net but its plastic. the only problem with it is that we found this plastic net on a beech. the teeth are metal rods. the shell are sprinled on bubble wrap. our dredgers realy work, you can tow them.

29th January 2009, 22:08
Make sure the springs are not too tight Manx - dont wanna fill her up with stones :):):)

bill wood
12th February 2009, 19:31
I have posted a picture of a model dredge frame on the 'general modelling' section
Bill W