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24th January 2009, 22:32
hello all, i,m trying to find out some construction details for a model of a "scaffie", can anyone tell me if the stem post is one piece or scarfed?

26th January 2009, 00:27
For a model this would not be critical for strength, unless you are trying to achieve authenticity.

I have seen them scarphed in three pieces in full size boats, sometimes two depending on the run of grain, The favoured option would be to select a crook of the dimensions needed if one can be obtained to the pattern, then fashion stem in one piece with the timber grain following the curve as close as possible.

26th January 2009, 20:19
thanks theolaird, its authenticity i'm after so your comments will help greatly!

Davie Tait
26th January 2009, 20:24
Lezzers do you have a plan set yet ?? there is an excellent plan for a 25ft scaffie yawl in the "Sailing Drifters" book by Edgar J March showing construction details and the sail/mast rigging

john webster
27th January 2009, 16:42
Marine modelling plans service do a detailed plan of a scaffie, Magazine ran articles on the build Dec 1995 till March 1996. Get back copies if you can. Unfortunately I dont have any but you should still be able to obtain them if you contact the magazine. Hope this is of some help to you.

27th January 2009, 23:28
hello dave/john, thanks very much for your replies, i have the plans from modelling (and the magazine back issues)but they are not very well reproduced, i have however obtained a set from the nmm of "gratitude" which are excellent. I have most of the books by e j march however the biggest problem is trying to obtain actual construction details, i'm hoping to build a model of how they were actually constructed.
thanks again!

Davie Tait
27th January 2009, 23:36
Its the Gratitude BCK252 thats in the E.J.March Sailing Drifters book Lezzers

In the Sailing Trawlers book there are extensive details on the Master Hand LT1203 but nothing like that amount of details for the Scaffie in the Drifters book