View Full Version : PD435 name and history please,

Mike Craine
24th January 2009, 17:01
Can anyone put a name to PD435, fifie type? Also any of the boats history? At one time she was rigged as a side winder, starboard side.
Also can anyone help with details about a ring-netter registered BA310?

25th January 2009, 08:45
Hi, Mike. The 1948 British Fisheries Manual lists BA310 as Adoration, owned A.B.Dornan &others. 13.88 tons. Think I sent you a cd of above manual last year?

Douglas Paterson
1st August 2009, 13:30
Hi Mike
Do you have an approx time period for this boat?

Douglas Paterson
4th August 2009, 18:46
Hi Mike
Ive checked the records and the only PD 435 I can find is listed in 1910 as the Margaret 35 tons owned by W H Leask. Could this be your boat?