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Kev Munro
17th June 2007, 18:00
AIS-- Automatic Identification System.As part of the global maritime safety system, ships over 300 tons are now required to broadcast their positions using AIS.

A ship transmits "dynamic" information at intervals of between 2 and 12 seconds depending on the vessel's speed or 3 minutes if at anchor.

This site mainly has merchant boats on it but there are fishing boats on it aswell. I was just away to shoot the nets last trip for a tow in the dark and seen a large vessel stemming us up, i logged onto this site and was able to see it was the research vessel scotia and he was towing! you can search vessels aswell, just searched the scotia and he is down off of troon at the minute. This link will take you to the moray firth area but you can change the area to where ever you want.