View Full Version : Searching for posts by users

19th January 2009, 09:46
I'm confused! If you look at someone's public profile it tells you how many posts they've made eg. 'Tony' has made over a thousand. Then if you hit the 'show all posts by this user' link it shows you '8 out of 8' posts?
So which is right, the figure of over 1000, or 8?

Davie Tait
19th January 2009, 14:45
When you post in the Gallery it adds to your post count ( both photos and comments ) BUT the profile search only searches the gallery. If you click on the search function in the Gallery you can search by username for either photos or comments

19th January 2009, 23:36
Ah, OK ta for that :-)

Davie Tait
20th January 2009, 15:13
I meant the search only does the Forum not the gallery , thats why some people with a lot of posts only show up with a few dozen when you try to look

21st January 2009, 23:15
Hehe, I knew what you meant, don't worry :-)