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17th January 2009, 11:48
My friend has been e-mailing me photos at the required size i.e 1020x760 at 100dpi but when they reach me they are only half that size,i wonder if anyone has any suggestions as to why this is happening.

martin johns
17th January 2009, 13:20
Hi Tony, it maybe that the e-mail program is compressing the photos to save space. If you have a photo editing program of some sort you should be able to bring them back to a suitable size.

Davie Tait
17th January 2009, 15:03
If he's using Hotmail he needs to add them as files not photos. Hotmail reduces images to no more than 640x480 to save space but if you add them as files it leaves them ok. The other option is to have him add say 10 photos into a ZIP file then send that and they will go ok

17th January 2009, 21:47
Thanks for the advice lads i think i have it sorted.