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Graham Farrow
17th June 2007, 08:21
Would appreciate any photos or information of Gy fishing boat GIRL PAT (GY 176 )sailed by skipper Dod Orsborne to Georgetown, British Guiana in 1936.

17th June 2007, 15:26
Photos on Ships Nostalgia and report at

Graham Farrow
19th June 2007, 17:54
Thanks George, will take a look.
Cheers, Graham

sea prince
30th June 2008, 17:13
Regards to your request re MFV Girl Pat. I have a small file on her and an artifact from the vessel, having a deep interest in her myself. Why your interest?

Gypsy Love
13th March 2009, 02:15

Is there anybody out there, who knows anything about Gypsy Love, build in 1935, Marstrand in Sweden.
The boat was owned by the Marstrand Fishing Company in Grimsby ( the same company that owned Girl Pat), until 1937/38, when they sold it back to Sweden. to a little shippingcompany called Richard Eliasson. Back in Sweden, the boat got the name Zenit.

I have a reason to believe that Gypsy Love is the same boat that are mentioned in the history of Dod Orsbourne about Girl Pat. Gypsy Love was the boat they took/stoled first, but when they realised that the engine was bad, they prefered to take Girl Pat instead. ( as I have understood the story/ the book) From the swedish story of the boat, it's mentioned that in 1937 they changed the engine, to a new and a bigger one. Which cleares up the fact that the engine WAS bad, and they needed a new one.

The case is that me and my friends, are the lucky owner of Gypsy Love, now called Ullaholm, and has been a fishboat in Norway for over 40 years. Now the boat is just an antique old boat, which is in use of vacation, trips and fun.

You see, my biggest wish of the earth, is a picture of Gypsy Love, a.k.a Ullaholm, with the name Gypsy Love at the front, or maybe a picture of Girl Pat and Gypsy Love lying together in the harbor. Maybe there also information about Gypsy Love. Anything really!

We have a lots of information, about the boat, when it was in Sweden and Norway. But very little of the story, when it was in Grimsby. Exept for the few words in the story about Girl Pat.

I would be preciated if anyone had just a sentence information about Gipsy Love, when it was owned by the Marstrand fishing company in Grimsby, England.


Tom Henrik Muggerud, Ulsteinvik - Norway