View Full Version : 1930s Walter Reekie builds

15th January 2009, 19:44
Am doing a bit research into the above yard, and am looking for a pic of one of the ringers that he built for the West coast in the 30s. Can anyone help out? Builds were- Bonito BA178, Village Belle TT34, Gleaner BA174, Felicia CN237, Mary Bain TT35, Nulli Secundus CN246, Kingfisher CN263, Kingbird CN264, Glen Carradale CN253, and Golden Eye BA241. Thanks.

bill wood
16th January 2009, 16:21
Ian Murray from the Museum's Reaper had a solid wooden model of a ringer which the skipper took to St Monans and said 'I want a boat like that'

Can anyone from the Museum Boat Club speak to Ian please?

bill W

16th January 2009, 20:18
Funnily enough, Ian phoned me on last Sunday night about another subject, and we got around to the Reekie yard. He told me about this model of the 1929 Dewy Rose. Thanks for trying, Bill.

25th January 2009, 08:34
Not having any luck here! Another build was Janet BA10. Anyone have a pic or info on that one? Thanks.

Tommy Ralston
20th March 2013, 11:23
My name is Tommy Ralston. My father bought the Bonito and renamed her Golden Fleece. Later, he and I bought the Kingbird.
My phone number is 01333 329009 - I'd rather talk than type!