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15th June 2007, 15:12
Hi Dave, sorry to hear this, i have tried numours times to reply but i cant as all i get is this message

ally, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

Perhaps the other members get the same so that is why no one has been able to respond to your 1st message !!!
I would take the site on but affraid my work would interfere with the day to day running so that is out of the question.
I would easy contribute financialy towards the running of it if that is any help.
I hope someone with the time on there hands can take it on as its growing every week and it would be a real shame to see if end.:(

15th June 2007, 16:29
Hello Dave,

As with previous member "Ally" have been unable to contact on your thread requesting suggestions for administration of the site.

Along with everyone I know who has visited the site I find it a most interesting and informative tool. Being a working fisherman I doubt I would have time to do the site justice but would be more than willing to contribute to the financial burden by either a monthly or annual subscription charge.

I would expect the majority of users to share this outlook and hope this enjoyable and easily navigated site, you have devoted so much effort to, can be retained.

Davie Tait
15th June 2007, 16:51
Only the Admin's can post in the annoucement part guys that why you couldn't add a reply.

I can't afford to take on the site ( being disabled means money is tight ) so can't help that way but i'd be willing to remain as admin for anyone else that takes over if the site is sold on. Thanks for the offers to Dave of financial help we'll just have to see what happens.

15th June 2007, 17:47
I agree with Ally and Lobsterman that it would be a great shame and loss if this site cannot continue and I would be willing also to contribute financially to help keep it alive.

Kev Munro
15th June 2007, 18:58
im with the above, id easy be willing to help with a financial contribution to keep the site going.

Davie Tait
15th June 2007, 20:22
If 12 of us contribute 20 each would that help Dave??

15th June 2007, 20:39
I'm up for that :)

15th June 2007, 21:23
I agree with above,
I'd be happy to pay 20 as I am sure the majority of users would do so. It would be a real shame if the site is terminated.

15th June 2007, 21:24
I would certainly be happy to offer some financial help towards the website, certainly the 20 figure suggested. Althought a shame to make it restricted access I would suggest that with a membership fee would hopefully remove the sort of person that would send abusive emails to the admin.

I unfortunately dont have enough computer skills to host a website. Whatever Dave Leishman decideds to do next I would like to thank him for his work so far.

Dave Leishman
15th June 2007, 21:50
Thanks for the comments guys. I'll look over things again tomorrow night (I'm not available during the day) and see what's possible.

Just bear in mind that we're talking about the future of the site and it's expansion, so the costs will continue to go up in year-on-year as the site grows.

I'll give it some thought and post again tomorrow night.

martin johns
16th June 2007, 07:40
I to would be willing to contribute an annual fee along the lines that have already been mentioned.

16th June 2007, 14:24
As with all the other offers I would also like to contribute to the funding of this site on a monthly basis just let me know how to make a payment PAYPAL would be ideal for me if you had an account and the more contributions even on a shortterm basis could hopefully pay for the annual cost of webhosting

Rob Andrew
16th June 2007, 22:56
Also happy to contribute a fee - and appreciation of the effort that provided the site in the first place.


17th June 2007, 07:58
Hi Guys, Today i have went through my gallery and deleted all pictures over 1month old which had no comments and had been viewed less than 100times, also pictures taken from a pier which only show part of a boat, because lets face it with digital photography there is always going to be other photos of boats. I think that if EVERYBODY cleaned up their gallery in whatever way they see fit it would free up some space on the site and perhaps avert a crisis.
I think an exception would be Vintage boats, so come on guys, give it a try and see what happens

Rob Andrew
17th June 2007, 11:54
Basicly I'm with you here, so long as we don't remove the last photo of any boat from the site - no matter how few hits its had.

As this is a PHOTOS site I'm happy for my painting postings to be removed, but I'll leave that to the Administration since there are comments involved.


Davie Tait
17th June 2007, 21:24
I always do a search in the gallery to see if there already is a photo of any boat i'm going to upload and only upload a new photo if it shows the other side ( say port side instead of starboard side or sometimes when a boat is up the slip to show the hull ) and I update the photo's I already have if I take better ( or in a few cases considerably newer ) photo's.

I went thru my own photo's 2 months ago and deleted almost 400 !!! and i've had a good look through again today deleting around 20 more.

If Dave feels that he doesn't want the hassle in running the site then if enough of us can agree to contribute to the running costs ( as being on disability means I have to save for anything I need and money is tight ) then I would be willing to take over in the mean time.


18th June 2007, 08:07
yes this is a good site so worth a yearly fee to go on it think most people will think the same

18th June 2007, 08:52
Count me in too, with the contribution idea. However, it must be a modern credit card - pay pal sort of payment system (which I'm not sure how to set up). Any traditional methods of international payments are extremely expensive.

Dave Leishman
18th June 2007, 17:29
I'm quite happy to continue to run the site as an administrator with the following two caveats...

1) Some form of extra funding is in place to supplement my contribution on a long term basis. The key to this is the 'long term basis' phrase. I pay around 240 per year for our current setup, and that's adequate for the short term. However good we become at housekeeping however, the site will continue to grow and will demand more resources in future, and it's then that the extra funding becomes crucial to the continuation of the site. I'll look at adding a Paypal option on the site that people can feel free to use as frequently as they like :D

2) Additional moderators are recruited. Not only to monitor photos and move/delete/rename accordingly, but to police the users too. In my experience online communities rarely exist for long before someone comes along and starts to cause problems. In addition, I'll expect moderators to have their own trawlerphotos.co.uk email address and become the first line contacts for users experiencing login problems (usually forgotten passwords, or not responding to the initial registration email).

I know the question of the webhost has been raised, but I prefer to remain with the current one. Again, in my experience a good, responsive host is difficult to find, and the cheaper ones rarely offer the response times of my current host. The issues last week were acted on within 5 minutes of me contacting them, and their solution was correct. The site was down for the afternoon as I work and don't get home until between 5 and 5:30.

The key thing is that the site must become community driven and that includes funding, policing and using if it's to continue to grow and remain successful.

Davie Tait
18th June 2007, 20:04
I'd be willing to contribute 20 per year to the site Dave so once you have the Paypal set up let me know and i'll pay into the fund.

As for new Admin's i'll have a good look thru the membership too see if we have any good candidates but if anyone feels up to volunteering put your name down here :D :eek:

18th June 2007, 20:10
put me down for a mod Davie generally on most days for a while

18th June 2007, 20:26
Thats good that you are willing to keep the site going Dave, it would be a damned shame to lose the site now after all the hard work and expense you have had. I for one want to pay to keep it running as like do so many of the other members.I would easy be a mod to help out but would only manage that on my 2 weeks at home. I'm off to sea again tommorow so wont be back for a couple weeks.

Dave Leishman
18th June 2007, 22:34
I'm looking into everything guys, but it will take a little time. That's no problem as the site is (and will continue to be) paid for at the current bandwidth/storage levels.

wbeedie and ally - thanks for volunteering - I'll be in touch when I've got things sorted.

I'm looking at how I can limit the non-premium accounts to restrict the number of photos they can upload - maybe taking the slideshow option away for them too, as it's a popular option and a heavy bandwidth user.

Any other suggestions on how to enhance a premium account over a standard one would be very welcome - maybe a personal trawlerphotos email account?

Payment would not be a fixed amount, but a suggested one, with people able to pay what they wanted. I'm visualising the 'premium' account to be one that donates over a set figure...maybe 20 per annum? Any thoughts?

18th June 2007, 22:46
Anything to help out Davejust give me a shout when ready

19th June 2007, 19:21
think 20 a year is fine if pleanty of members pay it i think you should take pay for your work time ect we dont want a service for free think other members will agree with me we are happy to pay for your time aswell

Dave Leishman
19th June 2007, 23:13
Just a quick note to thank those members that have taken time to send me a PM in support of the site - it's all appreciated :)

One or two ideas have been suggested too that I'm giving consideration to.

The one thing that I absolutely want to avoid is penalising those active and worthwhile members that for whatever reason either can't afford to donate money, or who can ill afford to give but who have said they will.

At the end of the day however, the site must become self funded, as it will outgrow the ability of one person to financially support it.

Whatever happens will not happen quickly, as I don't have lots of time to devote to it, but the site will continue as is in the meantime.

bill wood
23rd June 2007, 11:26
I am willing to contribute to the running of the site.

I would suggest that you take money from advertisers/sponsors etc

I would be willing to contribute about 50/year as WPWood(Marine Models)

Try \|Scoonies and other suppliers who have links on the site.


24th June 2007, 19:18
Been away in Aberdeenshire for a week or so, otherwise would have replied sooner. fine site, must not be lost, and am quite happy to pay a subscription.